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Now in today’s video I want to talk about something I get asked about ALL the time…gas stations! Yep! Now, this video is for anyone, but if you are self-driving on your trip, you’re really going to want to listen in…we’re going to talk about 5 things you didn’t know about the gas stations in Iceland!

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Okay, so of course, gas stations are where you get gas…and if you are self-driving, you’ll be stopping A LOT! But they are also where you can find food, toilets, and ALL of the things…so let’s get into it.

Not all gas stations are the same!

There can be anything from a nearly full grocery store inside, to a cafe or a restaurant! I’ve even seen card games, souvenirs, clothing, automotive supplies, all kinds of things! These kinds of stores will more often be out in the middle of nowhere or in a small village but they will be packed with many of the essentials you might be looking for all in one place vs. separate stores. It’s really quite convenient – so don’t overlook the gas stations!

I see pumps, but no station!

That’s right, my friends, sometimes out in the middle of nowhere, you will see pumps standing alone. If you are using my Guide + map, and you see a gas station icon – don’t be surprised if you don’t see an actual building…these are considered gas stations too and yes, you CAN get gas here!

Even though it may look like there’s no way to pay, this is where having that credit card with PIN access will come in handy! We’ve talked about this before, so don’t forget!

Few + far between

Okay, so…one thing to remember when you are driving (especially in the more remote areas, eastfjords, north, or the westfjords), there are a LOT of wide open spaces and sometimes, gas stations are few and far between. So take advantage of them when you see them!

You don’t want to skip one because you just never know when the next one is coming and let’s remember SAFETY is most important. You don’t want to run dangerously low on fuel when you are on your trip!

If you’re sticking to the major tourist routes (Reykjavik, Snaefellsnes, Golden Circle, etc.), then you’ll be just fine…a good rule is to NEVER go below a half a tank of gas on your trip. This will make sure you’ve got enough gas to get to the next stop safely.

Now, before we get to the last two items, I’m curious:
What concerns do you have about the gas stations in Iceland?

Hotdogs? Yep, it’s a thing

It may sound strange to point out, but most Iceland gas stations have really good hotdogs. Hotdogs are a BIG thing here in Iceland (and they are VERY cheap) and you are definitely going to want to try one!

Pro tip!: soft serve ice cream! – I ALWAYS stop for the ice cream (dipped in chocolate, of course!)

Lastly, “Fill Up options”!

NEVER choose the “Fill Up Option”…unless you don’t mind the up to $250 hold on your card! Yes, it can happen! Always choose one of the other levels fueling options such as: 1,000 ISK, 5,000 ISK, 10,000 ISK! I don’t know why they place such a large hold on cards, so play it safe and select the lower options when fueling up so you get charged only for what you pump!

Okay, so these 5 Tips are just the START of what I talk about in my Ring Road eBook. I tell you how exactly to use the pumps, the price of fuel, different things in the stations themselves and so much more! It’s really ALL you need to travel in Iceland!

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