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Are you losing sleep over planning your trip to Iceland?

Picture of Jeannie Looking at the Iceland Map and Drinking Coffee Inside of Happy Camper's Van in Iceland | Iceland with a View

My mind was buzzing with thoughts like:

  • There’s just too much information out there. I don’t even know where to start or which sources to trust. I’m drowning in blog posts, travel forums, and videos!
  • What if I miss something amazing? Iceland has so much to offer, and I’m worried I won’t find those hidden gems that could make my trip unforgettable.
  • Figuring out the logistics is giving me a headache. Where are the gas stations? How do I navigate the roads? What if I can’t find a restroom when I need one during a road trip? I’m worried I’m going to be stranded!
  • How much can I fit in a day? How do I prioritize? I don’t want to end up over-scheduled or miss out on key experiences because I didn’t plan properly.

I just wanted to get excited about my trip, but I was stuck in a never-ending planning time-suck.

Can you relate?  😩

There was a nagging feeling that I might miss something – and end up screwing up our trip of a lifetime. 

It was stressful, to say the least!

But for you, it doesn’t have to be – because I’ve got you covered. 🙌🏼

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It’s TOTALLY possible to craft an Iceland itinerary that’s uniquely yours without losing dozens of hours in the process.

My Iceland travel guides are your ticket to trip planning made easy.

Here’s how my ICELAND travel guides change the game:

  • Avoid The Risk of Over- or Under-Planning: There’s a fine line between cramming too much into your itinerary and missing out on must-see attractions because you ran out of time.  My Iceland guidebooks teach you how to strike that perfect balance and craft the trip of a lifetime.
  • Save Time on Research: Skip the endless hours of searching and falling into a research rabbit hole. My Iceland travel guides give you all the up-to-date, reliable information you need for your Iceland adventure in one, handy place.
  • Discover Local Secrets: Get insider access to Iceland’s hidden gems. From off-the-beaten-path hot springs to quaint local eateries, experience the unforgettable moments that only locals know about.
  • Practical Details Covered: Never worry about where to find gas stations, restrooms, or the best places to take a break. I cover it all so you can focus on the adventure, not the logistics. 
  • Prepare To Save:  Dodge common travel mistakes that could cost you time and money. My guidebooks give you tips on booking, discounts for attractions (that pay for the guide itself!), and more to save you from expensive oversights.
  • Kick Travel Stress To The Curb: Planning a trip to a foreign country can feel daunting. I simplify the complexities of travel regulations, language, and culture – so you can trade your overwhelm for excitement 💃

Iceland Maps + Guidebooks

Region-specific Iceland guides and maps, meticulously curated for the adventurous traveler.

” This guide has become a bible for me! “

– Heather S.



  • Detailed Iceland travel guide PDF with each region’s must-see attractions and places to visit
  • Hotel and restaurant recommendations (with detailed info on dietary options, price points, and ratings) to suit every taste and budget 
  • Planning checklists based on the season to craft the perfect itinerary
  • Packing lists and pro tips from an Iceland expert so you don’t miss a thing
  • Exclusive discounts to save BIG on your trip
    + so much more


  • The hidden gems most tourists miss
  • Pins on the best places to stop along your route 
  • Important stops like restrooms and gas stations so that you’re never stranded
  • Must-see natural attractions like waterfalls, hikes, secret hot springs, viewpoints + more all pointed out on your Iceland travel map
  • Your ultimate Iceland road trip map to travel with confidence!


  • Facebook Community exclusively for Iceland with a View customers to connect with fellow travelers and ask questions!
  • Spotify Roadtrip Playlist with songs perfectly curated for your Icelandic adventure
your Iceland expert

Meet Jeannie

After falling in love with Iceland on my honeymoon back in 2014, my husband and I promptly decided to sell everything we owned and uproot our lives to call this country home. I’m a seasoned road tripper and obsessive planner who lives and breathes all things Icelandic culture. It’s my mission to help as many people as possible experience the magic of Iceland! 

Picture of Jeannie Smiling at the Camera in the Westjfords in Iceland. Jeannie is Your Go-To for Iceland Travel Guides | Iceland with a View

” If it wasn’t for Jeannie, my trip would have been a disaster! “

– Rosemary Pina-Leonard

Other Travel Guides

  • Written by people who have only been to Iceland once or twice
  • Talk about beautiful destinations, but lack the practical info you really need to have a successful trip
  • Leave you guessing with outdated and inaccurate info

My Iceland Maps + Guidebooks

  • Written by an Iceland expert who’s been exploring the country since 2014
  • Showcases Iceland’s natural attractions AND gives the must-know details so that your trip goes off without a hitch
  • Has accurate and up-to-date info on everything from opening hours to admission fees, parking lot fees, and more

Other Travel Guides just pin pretty destinations on a map.

My Iceland travel guides give you the A-Z on planning a trip that’s not just visually stunning…but impeccably organized. 


While there’s a lot of free info online, it’s scattered and unreliable. Reading content from other travelers recounting their trips is a good place to get inspiration – but it’s often not detailed enough to create a real plan.

My Guidebooks + Maps offer curated, expert advice all in one place, making sure you don’t miss out on what’s truly special about Iceland. Plus, they save you HOURS of research time!

Stop piecing together inaccurate, out-of-date info and get it all in one, convenient spot.

My digital PDFs and Iceland Google Maps are designed with ease of use in mind. If you can browse this page, you can easily use my guidebooks and maps.

Your PDF Guide contains detailed instructions on how to access the map!
*Please note: I have to manually add you to the map, so please allow 3 business days to be granted access.

Plus, my team and I are here to help if you have any questions along the way!

Honestly, the earlier you buy the better.

Remember that planning a trip to Iceland is very different than your average vacation. There is a LOT to consider – from weather to daylight hours to packing, driving and so much more. My guidebooks help you plan every single detail so you can craft the perfect itinerary. You don’t want to rush this process.

I recommend giving yourself lots of time to study the guide AND map in detail so you figure out which sights and accommodations interest you sooner rather than later. Iceland tours and hotels book up FAST (sometimes 6+ months out) so the faster you decide which ones you want to book, the better! My guides walk you through the entire planning process so you can confidently plan the best. trip. ever.

While you might find other travel guides or maps online, you won’t find this level of detail anywhere else. 

For example, most travel bloggers might put a pin of a hot spring on their map. You’ll see where it’s located on the map, but you won’t see much else.

But my Iceland map will pin a hot spring and have everything you need to know about it in the description. From opening hours to admission fees, to whether there’s food onsite, whether there’s changing rooms – the whole shebang!

This isn’t just a map to gather inspiration. I’ve done ALL the heavy lifting for you. My guidebooks + maps make it SO convenient while you are driving around Iceland because you have everything you need at your fingertips.

” This book is the best thing I’ve ever spent my money on! “

– Jaste

Craft an itinerary that’s uniquely yours…not a cookie-cutter plan.

” There’s a reason why Jeannie’s guides all have 5 stars. We give this guide a 10/5 rating. It’s truly a lifesaver. “

– Jen Brown

Wondering which travel guide is right for you?

Ring Road

Iceland’s most iconic road trip. Self drive this stunning route taking you all around Iceland.  You will witness everything from majestic waterfalls to steamy hot springs, legendary glaciers, and more. With almost 200 5-star reviews from customers, the Ring Road Travel Guide + Map will help you navigate this loop like a pro!

South + West

Would you rather stay closer to Reykjavík? If you’re not up for an extensive road trip across the country, but still want to explore a mix of Iceland’s most famous attractions and hidden gems, the South + West Guidebook is for you. From the iconic Golden Circle to rugged coastlines, peaceful lagoons to dramatic volcanoes, this route is a must if you want a taste of everything.


Take the road less traveled with my Highlands Guidebook + Map. If you’re craving rugged landscapes and the thrill of exploration, this is your essential toolkit. Ideal for hiking lovers, adventure seekers, and those ready to embrace the remote, Icelandic wilderness. 


Whether it’s a brief stopover or an extended stay in Reykjavík, my map will show you the capital’s hottest spots and coolest local secrets.


Looking for serenity and stunning scenery? My Westfjords travel map is the ultimate companion for exploring one of Iceland’s most secluded and breathtaking corners. Ideal for those who crave tranquility and awe-inspiring landscapes, far from the tourist trail.