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South + West Travel Guide

(78 customer reviews)


I’ve been there…

✅ Browsing Google for hours on end trying to find answers
✅ Reading Facebook Group forums looking for helpful tips
✅ scrolling Instagram for inspiration.

…but are those sources actually helpful to the planning of your trip?

You know Iceland is expensive but it’s unclear how much to budget or how to save money while you are there.

I KNOW it can be different.

Living in Iceland since 2015 has given me the ability to travel around the country countless times finding the best gems and important travel tips.

“The southwest guide is amazing! I’ve been using it all week and would have been completely lost without it, it’s the best guide I’ve ever used.” – Stephanie

You do NOT need to read another blog post or watch another Instagram Reel.

You DO need:
     📗 Comprehensive, concise information
     📋 Structured planning
     😎 Confidence in knowing that you have the best information on the market


You can buy a physical guide from the bookstore…but it won’t have a digital map.

You can buy someone else’s digital map for $$…but it will not have toilets, pharmacies, or grocery stores listed.

Because here’s the thing…when you’re going on vacation you need to know more than JUST the locations of the pretty waterfalls and black beaches. 

You need helpful practical information that saves you the laborious and endless circle of research.

“Used the guidebook every single day on our recent South + West trip. Invaluable for locating gems and must sees, but also gas stations and toilets!” – Margot



  • 186-page Travel Guide (This is a digital download – you’ll receive an email containing the electronic file in PDF format which you can store on your phone, tablet, computer or print out.)
  • Access to the Ring Road Digital Map
  • Invitation to our customers-only Facebook Group
  • BONUS: Iceland Road Trip Spotify Playlist


  • NEW:
    • 35 new pages (Volcanoes + Glaciers, Family Travel, Winter Travel Nuances, Kids Packing List, Drone Regulations, and MORE)
    • Never talked about locations
    • Planning worksheets to help you build your itinerary from start to finish
  • MORE pins on the digital map:
    • Local Pools
    • Pharmacies
    • Liquor stores
    • Souvenir shopping
    • Playgrounds
    • Health clinics
    • open hours
    • parking lot fees
    • toilet locations
    • menu offerings
    • admission prices
    • age minimums for tours
  • Brand new VIP Facebook community (just for my customers!)
  • Discounts that PAY FOR THE GUIDE!


I’m a new customer, where do I start?

That’s such a great question!  First time visitors usually look to experience the more common or popular sites, and that typically leads to a Ring Road experience.  With that said, some people are more comfortable exploring the South coast & Snaefellsnes Peninsula because it’s the most accessible year round.  It’s really up to the traveler and there is no wrong answer!

  • The bundles give travel planners a larger selection of planning resources that are focused on their areas/regions of interest.  Check out the Shop to view the different bundles and what they contain.
  • The bundles are priced to give a discount for purchasing more than one product.

If you are a DIY’er and love to plan all the things, you will want to have the best resources available – Iceland with a View Travel Guides.  These are a great option for those who want to see all the things in the most efficient way possible!  Together with the available map you really can see anything and everything you want to see in the way that best suits you!  

These Travel Guides are comprehensive and well thought out, they go beyond telling you about the places to go – they dive deeper into the things that really matter when you are traveling in a different country:

  • Where are the bathrooms, are they free?
  • How do I say “Thank you” in Icelandic?
  • What kind of gear do I need for visiting the plane wreck?
  • Where can I get some ibuprofen?

The pre-made itineraries are a great choice!  The Travel Guide will be a great resource, in case you:

  • Want to see a site that is not included on the itinerary
  • You have more time than the itinerary allows
  • You have less time than the itinerary allows
  • You want to have a basic plan, but you also want to fine tune it with new places or hidden gems.

It’s true, there is a lot of basic information that is the same (what you’ll need, what to expect, seasons, daylight hours, etc.) but the sites to visit will change from region to region.  It’s important to make an informed decision about where you want to visit and what you want to see.  These Travel Guides are designed so you can have as much information as possible right in front of you.

I already have your guides, how are these different?

ALL of these Travel Guides (older versions or current) have everything you need to plan the trip of a lifetime.  Newer guides (and their accompanying maps) will contain more current/updated information, and often more content than previous guides.

The Travel Guides are updated routinely, some updates are more comprehensive, while others may fix small errors – ideally, these are done at least annually.  

This really depends on how much of the guide will be changing.  The 2023 update has been one of the more comprehensive and extensive updates to date.  It has a new look, new interaction components, more content, more sites…a lot of time and energy goes into these Travel Guides,  so this update resulted in a price increase.   

To maintain consistency and provide you with the best information available, any new or updated guides will supersede and replace previous guides. Previous guides will not be available for purchase.

“This eBook is so jam-packed full of helpful info, it’s nuts!  Jeannie answers almost any question about Iceland imaginable. From restaurant suggestions, money saving tips, cultural curiosities, and safety…she’s got it all. If you’re planning a trip here, I would seriously consider purchasing this eBook and map. It’s by far the best resource I have found yet!” – Megan

This complete resource for planning your South + West trip includes:

  • Guided itinerary for:
    • Golden Circle
    • Snæfellsnes peninsula
    • West Iceland
    • South coast (to Jökulsárlón)
    • NEW! Reykjanes Peninsula
  • An interactive Google map with layers for:
    • Major attractions
    • Hidden gems (that most tourists miss)
    • Hot springs
    • Restaurants
    • Accommodation
    • Hiking + Activities
    • Tour + Excursions
  • 2 suggested detours:
    • Westfjörds + Flatey Island
    • Westman Islands

Special Features:

  • Suggested itinerary to make the most of each day (without feeling rushed)
  • Helpful Iceland planning tips including:
    • booking checklist, packing lists, food + drink, cultural information, animals + wildlife, local events, how to use the gas stations and pumps, and Iceland photography tips
  • Accommodation recommendations, restaurant suggestions, and information on guided tours
  • Thorough route information for navigating your trip — so you don’t end up driving by that must-see attraction
  • Easy to download to your phone or tablet to use on your trip!


You’ll receive a PDF file of this book, delivered straight to your email. From there you will be able to print it or download it to your computer, tablet, or phone to take it with you on the go!

Instructions for accessing the map will be included with the eBook.  In addition, in order to access the interactive map, you will need:

  • A Google recognized email account (used to access the Google Maps App)
  • The Google Maps App (available in app stores)
  • A Wi-Fi connection is REQUIRED to maintain access and interact with the map.

**Due to the proprietary nature of the content these maps cannot be saved or downloaded to devices.

“Thank you so much for helping me! I am a busy mom, and this guide is so thorough!” –Brittany


  • Please allow 3 business days from the time of purchase to be added to the digital map.
  • This is an information product only.
  • The designs and images included in this eBook may not be copied or shared in whole or in part. All photos included are my own.
  • Due to the nature of digital files, this purchase is non-refundable. If you have any questions about this product you can email at

78 reviews for South + West Travel Guide

  1. Ruth warner

    These maps made our 2 week holiday in Iceland so easy. Saw and visited places we would have missed without these maps. Made planning ahead a joy!

  2. Mia Lapointe

    Amazing source of information! We used the Google Maps portion for the majority of our trip and it was incredible. Jeanie has really put in amazing work! From gas stations to toilets to grocery stores to camp sites and of course major/”minor” attractions. It was truly a lifesaver! We did most of our activities on the spur of the moment so it was convenient having a map that could find anything you needed. There was also a pamphlet of information which was just fun to read and get insight on different sites and locations. I would 10/10 recommend!

  3. Lisa

    I certainly did my homework while planning a family trip. Videos, blogs, etc. Even with tons of research, this guide is phenomenal! It’s laid out very well, very user friendly. Great applicable information. And now that I’m back from my trip, I can honestly say it was so very useful during the day-to-day activities and trips I had planned. What a fantastic resource! I plan on visiting Iceland again, and rest assured, I’ll be using these resources here and saving plenty of time and effort! Thanks so much for putting all this wonderful information together! And know that her Google maps are fantastic! Go get that at the very least!

  4. Sarah McCullar

    We purchased this guide 2 weeks before our trip when we had booked most things and I wish we had this at the beginning of our planning! It was so so helpful. We would look at the interactive map as we were driving to make sure we didn’t miss anything and found some amazing places we would have missed! Also the restaurant Recs were so helpful. Before we visited each location we would reference the section in her book to tell us what to wear or how long to expect to stay. Her time estimates were spot on. Thank you Jeanie! Until next time Iceland!

  5. Steve de Albuquerque

    Great resource for real-time travel or trip planning prior to arriving in Iceland. Jeannie’s Gems were most helpful in avoiding crowds and seeing super cool landscapes across Iceland.

    The only thing none of her materials reference is where you can do laundry in Iceland. That would be most helpful and a great addition to her videos and guidebooks.

  6. Lance Thomas

    An amazing tool for planning in advance, and as a companion during the trip. I have done a LOT of research – guidebooks, blogs, travel sites, etc. and I still found many possible places to visit that were unique to Jeannie’s South and West Guide. Also, for me, small details can make a big difference in the usefulness of the content, and Jeannie has it: The full color pages, lots of white space to make the information readable, and the critical and unique data – how long to allow for the attraction, rating, parking, crowds, etc. The time estimate is so useful, and I didn’t find this anywhere else, easily. And the companion Google Map is comprehensive and easy to use. Worth every penny.

  7. Susan Ledford

    The guides are amazing. There are so many suggested places to visit, it would take multiple trips to see everything. It has tremendously assisted me in creating my itinerary. The Google Map is invaluable! She has thought of every possible thing to pin to the map. Absolutely worth the money. You can’t get this kind of information from a travel agent in the US. The suggested packing list is very helpful.

  8. Matthew

    This is truly the most comprehensive guide I’ve been able to find for my iceland trip (And I booked with a company that provided their own guide) this is my first trip to iceland and nothing has helped more than this guide for figuring out what to see

  9. Kathy Gaan

    I am planning my first trip to Iceland (annual sisters trip). We’re going in September and I’m obsessed with Jeannie’s maps. She’s covered everything! I wish I had purchased sooner. Don’t hesitate to buy, you won’t be disappointed.

  10. Matt Rosman

    I really like the guide. The really useful part are the links from the guide to the Google Map. I think it would be even more useful if users can add their own suggestions to the guide or map. For example, what sites are good to visit with children or restaurants which have been closed down. Anyway, very useful and highly recommended.

  11. Sangeeta Roy

    Heyy Jeannie,
    Thank you so much for the West and South/south east travel guide and the maps. We could see and enjoy the beautiful places and the gems you put together.
    Thank you for your packing list recommendations. My husband and I just returned from Iceland and am so glad to have packed the rain gear. It helped us keep dry not only at the falls but also at Reynisfjara beach, and Dyrhólaey, where it was raining hard and super windy.
    Thanks for your detailed maps too!
    I felt that it would help a lot of us a little more in planning if you could also mention the distance, time required to walk,(rather than just total time spent) and difficulty level.but definitely your detailed guide and your gems helped us see much more of Iceland.☺
    Thanks again,

  12. Bailey Charron

    I just got home from my trip to Iceland and with out Jeannie’s youtube videos and guidebook the trip wouldn’t have been half of what it was! We had an amazing time! This was my partners first time traveling outside of the United States and he is convinced I should be a travel agent now because with Jeannie’s help I was able to plan the perfect vacation. I can’t rave about the guidebook and videos enough! I can’t wait to visit again!!

  13. Deidre VanHooft

    I had traveled to Iceland in 2019 with friends and found Jeannie’s tips and guide to be so very helpful….especially the restroom stops! Now going back in 2024 with my daughter and was thrilled to see an updated version available. I know it will again be worth every penny. I highly recommend this, especially if it is your first trip. Thank you Jeannie.

  14. Charlotta Runci

    I am planning a return trip to Iceland in May, this time concentrating on the West side of the county. I recently discovered Jeannie’s website and guide and they have been a wonderful resource. I have been recommending the Guidebook and Iceland With A View to everyone who says “Oh, we are thinking of going to Iceland”. Definitely a must have for any trip to Iceland!

  15. Khalid alalawi

    We are so glad of purchasing this book which made our trip amazing we benefited the fullest .
    I have been recommending it to family and friends because I don’t think our trip would be as organised without it.
    Can’t wait to redo the trip again

  16. Kory Johnson

    I am so glad that I purchased this guidebook! My partner and I used it daily on our trip. It is especially nice to use on an i-Pad or large tablet. It was like our own personalized digital magazine guide that we used during our week long road trip of South Iceland. It was also much easier on the eye and broke things down in a visually pleasing format compared to other guidebooks we had. Highly recommend!

  17. Amy

    Jeannie is amazing. This guidebook helped my best friend and I make the most out of a six day November trip. All of the recommendations were spot on, and I am SO glad we took the time to see her hidden gems. Those places, especially the 10/5 rated places, were the most amazing places I have ever seen. We are so grateful, Jeannie!

  18. Margot Smeenk

    Used the guidebook every single day on our recent South + West trip. Invaluable for locating gems and must sees, but also gas stations and toilets! Take the time to watch Jeannie’s excellent videos as well.
    We did start to overdose on waterfalls and suggest adding a few more bad weather attractions (lava tunnel, Skogar museum and geothermal power plant were all good). Go to Iceland! You won’t regret it

  19. Stephanie richards

    The southwest guide is amazing! I’ve been using it all week and would have been completely lost without it, it’s the best guide I’ve ever used. There are so many amazing things to see and do here that you would miss without the guide.

    I’ve been using the link to the happy camper campsites which is also amazing but it would be so much easier if itcampsites were also included in the south west guide so that you didn’t have to go back and forth between the two maps.
    Thanks so much Jeannie for an amazing trip…. if you could just figure out how to control the weather it would be perfect!

  20. Michael

    This book and the map that can be downloaded to Google Maps was so incredibly helpful during our trip. So we’ll laid out and easy to use. I wouldn’t use anything other than this when going back to Iceland. 100% worth purchasing. Thank you for putting this together for us to use! It is truly appreciated.

  21. John L

    Really love using Jeannie’s South+West Guidebook to plan our Iceland trip. Really useful and her videos are so much fun to watch.

  22. Darrell Scott

    Jeannie’s South+West Self Drive eBook made it so much easier to plan our trip. Loved having all the necessary info in one easy to follow place. Also her Youtube videos were very helpful. I like the short single topic videos instead of an hour long video that has too much info at one time.

  23. Katie

    Jeannie’s guidebook was very easy to read and broke down information about locations and planning that was much simpler and easier to digest than looking at the Lonely Planet guide. I love how she uses graphic organizers, photos, and simple bullet points to make the info stand out. Can you tell I’m a teacher lol?!? Also, the Google map she made that is included is so helpful. And the fact that she tells you how much time to spend at each attraction. So much more updated and current than published guide books.

  24. kevin P kelleher

    I have been planning vacations for years and Jeannie’s South+West Self Drive eBook has answered all my planning questions. I enjoy all the “pro tips” and “hidden gems” that are included with all the areas to visit.

  25. Dennis Ingamells

    Jeannie’s guide is outstanding, the information in the South + West book was informational and extremely helpful in planning our trip. The google map is so detailed – what a life saver!! If you are planning a trip to the South & West parts of Iceland, this is a must purchase guide!! Thank you Jeannie, we look forward to our trip in July.

  26. Jenni

    Jeannie’s guide was absolutely amazing and such good value for money. I couldn’t believe the level of detail in the South + West Self Drive Guidebook. I read it cover to cover before our trip and it really helped me to plan out our itinerary. I also had it downloaded on my ipad and we used it constantly while we were in Iceland.
    The insider tips were invaluable, like taking crampons in the winter, which hadn’t even crossed my mind beforehand, but were essential to have. I especially loved the tip to go to the Handknitting Associate of Iceland. I’m too tight to spend £150+ on a jumper, but I am a knitter and was able to buy a pattern book and the wool to knit my own Lopapeysa for less than £50!!
    I found the google map to be less helpful as I couldn’t seem to browse through the highlighted locations. I suspect that was user error on my part though.
    If you’re in two minds about whether this guide will be worth it, just get it, I promise you won’t be disappoint.

  27. Lawrence Ernst

    We had purchased two guide books before we found Jeannie’s YouTube videos. We could tell that the information she was providing was exceptional. Having her travel information detailed and organized in an eBook is a must for anyone considering a trip to Iceland. Also critical are the driving and safety tips that she provides. In addition, her interactive map is amazing. We will be spending 15 days on Iceland and she has helped us so much with our planning with her detailed information. Thanks Jeannie!!!!!

  28. Mary

    Just WOW! I’m planning the trip now and is so extremely well made it feels like I’m already and Iceland pro Lol. Not sure how other can manage without this!

  29. Kelly V.

    This map and book took all the guesswork and research out of finding the places we knew we’d enjoy. Clear, concise directions with notes on distance, difficulty, how busy/touristy, and approximate time for each location. Our vacation was greatly enriched by this information.

  30. Caro

    This guidebook was perfect! Easily broke things down for planning time/distance on our roadtrip. It saved a ton of research time. The gems were a hit. In true Iceland fashion, we were stranded due to weather but used the recommended road safety app (and appy hour app in Reykjavik :). We all bought blankets at the Hand knitting association of Iceland and they even ‘special fit’ made a sweater and mailed it to my friend! We would hands down recommend Jeannie & her guide!!

  31. Sally

    I have just arrived home from an amazing week in Iceland. I found this guidebook to be so helpful! It really helped us to find some truly sensational places that we would never have known about otherwise. The information about filling petrol, road safety and weather was also very helpful. Thank you so much Jeannie, we really appreciate all of the information you provided us with and the map was so helpful too. We would definitely recommend this purchase to anyone wishing to travel to Iceland and make the most of their time there.

  32. Pat

    The guidebook is a very thorough, very helpful, and easy to use resource for planning your trip. It was so easy to use that I’d pick the area we were going to go for the day based on the weather and hand the tablet with the guide to my wife. In 10 minutes she knew what she wanted to see and we were off. The Jeannie’s gems are truly gems. Several of them only had a handful of other people visiting at the same time we were there and for a couple of them, we were the only people there for a while!. It was like we stumbled on a secret! The details included for each attraction are really helpful, such as time needed to visit, parking, and facilities at each site. Thanks, Jeannie!

  33. Heiko

    Das ist eine sehr gute Unterstützung für die Reisevorbereitungen die wir für November planen ,vor allen die Karte ist super!! Vielen Dank

  34. Nick & Kayla

    Jeannie’s guidebook is fantastic! Purchasing this has made planning for our trip so much easier – especially for a visit in winter with questions around weather, driving, and limited daylight hours.

  35. Joey

    I’m done researching! This colorful, creatively designed book is loaded with so MUCH information! I immediately downloaded it to my iPad for easy access while traveling. We’re bbout eight weeks away from our trip (Oct 7, 2021) – getting excited! Jeannie’s videos are fantastic too!

  36. Colleen

    I really love the book. I bought the book for South+West travel in Iceland. It is so comprehensive and would have take me weeks to gather this vast amount of information (some of which I’m sure would not be available unless a person like Jeannie, who lives in Iceland, put this together). I am thrilled to have this resource as my daughter and I will be going on a self drive tour of the Reykjavik and the Golden Circle. The price of this resource is low and totally worth every penny.

  37. Laura

    Lots of photos, tips and tricks. Very helpful to have it all in one place. I much preferred a how to tour Iceland from a native vs. someone who simply visited for 2 weeks. So much more information and insights!

  38. Kate

    This travel guide saved us hours of work. The layout and design of the stops were amazing. We were able to find hidden gems that Jeannie mentioned that none of our other sources mentioned. We choose to stay at guest houses on this stretch of the trip and one of our hosts even remarked how good this guide is as it had the places he as a local recommends to his guests. If you are planning a trip to Iceland Jeannie’s materials are well worth their cost. In addition to stopping points she enclosed where the best camera angles are so you can capture the perfect pictures. Stop reading the reviews and hit the Purchase button now!

  39. Michael Johnson

    Very good job consolidating information into the book and map. We have used both planing our trip and they have made our job much easier. The best part is that they were made by someone who understands what Americans want and look for information wise and delivers with the book and with the map. They have allowed us to shorten our research time.

  40. Holly

    This is the absolute best resource for Iceland planning, I’ve sent so many people here! The YouTube channel covers everything you need to know to have a safe and happy trip, and her ebooks and maps are THE BEST for making sure you don’t miss the beautiful spots around the country! Thanks Jeannie!

  41. David Graves

    Your best resource for all things Iceland! Highly recommend subscribing and watching her Youtube videos regarding driving, must see’s, and reminders. This was my second trip to Iceland. Buying the south and west coast guide made my trip much easier and more memorable. Many friends reached out seeing my pictures about adding Iceland to their bucket list. My first recommendation to each of them, trust “Iceland with a view” as the best resource for your trip.

  42. Brenda Dietzman

    Best and most comprehensive information on Iceland. Our trip will be exponentially better because of this information. YOU ROCK!

  43. Connie Harland

    When I started planning our trip, I found Jeannie’s youtube videos. I learned so much! I purchased the South + West self drive ebook. I love it and I am so happy to have this travel guide with us while in Iceland.

  44. Fernando Pinho

    Stop looking and get this guide! Most likely, this is the only book you’ll ever need to plan your trip to Iceland.

  45. Sharon Page

    I have been planning my trip to Iceland for a couple of months and came across Jeannie’s youtube videos (they are amazing!) and then purchased both the Ring Road Guide and South/West guides. Jeannie provides everything I need to know in these guides and I have been impressed and enthralled with the wealth of insider knowledge, tips and extensive information that is provided. Both guides are very easy to read and highly informative, as are the accompanying maps. These are an absolute must for anyone travelling to Iceland. Can’t wait to get there!

  46. Jack Leggo

    My Iceland trip has been planned for six months now, I have done a lot of research and thought I knew just about everything I needed to know. Until I got your book ” WOW ” was I wrong. There is so much information in your book and places to see plus saving $$$$$$. Great book

  47. Bill Waters

    Wow, Jeannie’s e-books are amazing. I don’t know about most people but trying to plan a trip to a whole country is a bit overwhelming. Especially so when the names of the towns have about a dozen consonants in them. There’s so much to see and the e-book allows you to make the highest quality choices. And the Map! Oh my goodness, it’s so cool. Click on an item and you get all sorts of valuable info. I thought it was just going to give me the name! It’s genius.
    Thank you so much, I’ve never been so excited about a trip.

  48. George Manning

    I just got back, and am so grateful I had Jeannie’s book and map. The tips about what to pack, to get a modem, etc., were spot on, even before the insider info on locations and activities. My wife got tired of me saying, “well, Jeannie says…” but Jeannie was right!

    Unlike other guide books, there isn’t a lengthy essay about each of two dozen restaurants in each tiny town. There might be just a short list, but we went to three of them and they were all great. In other words, you can and should trust what’s in the book.

    And I thought the map was terrific, full of info on attractions, hidden gems, toilets (trust me), gas and more. I’m sad I won’t be going back to Iceland for a couple of years because I need to visit more of Jeannie’s Gems!

  49. George Agridiotis

    If you want to plan a trip to South Iceland, Snaefellsnes Peninsula and Golden Circle this is the best and most updated guide and map in the world. I saved dozen of hours using this guide and map to do my itinerary.

  50. BJG

    If you are planning a trip to Iceland, no doubt you’ve discovered how much information is out there as you try to plan. Whether you are a detailed planner, first time traveler, or somewhere in-between, this guide (and all Jeannie’s content) is a one-stop resource when you are headed to Iceland. Use it to get started, fill in the gaps, or assure yourself you’ve got all the inside information – the combination of the guide and map is one of the best investments you can make!

  51. Janette Hatcher

    Search no more! You will find everything you need for your trip to Iceland with this E-book and map! I spent hours researching info on Iceland for our upcoming vacation. I stumbled upon Jeannie on her You Tube channel (check it out if you haven’t already). I debated about purchasing the Ring Road guide since I had already made arrangements for accommodations and had a loose itinerary planned. I’m so glad I made the purchase! The interactive map is full of all the places you can’t wait to see along with how much time to allow, places you didn’t know about, and the necessities like restrooms, gas stations, restaurants, parking and trail access info. I was able to place my own pins on the map marking our accommodations for each night. As soon as the South + West Ebook was published I purchased without hesitation. Although there is some overlap with general information between the two books, the map and info of the Golden Circle and Snaefellsnes are very detailed in the South + West guide. Buy the E-book! It will be the best $20.00 you spend on your vacation, taking away the stress of planning and adding to the magic of Iceland.

  52. Megan

    This eBook is so jam-packed full of helpful info, it’s nuts! I’ve been planning this trip for several months, and the trips is still several months away. I’ve always been an over-planner and there have been times during this planning process I’ve been worried I’m missing something important. But this eBook and map have completely put all of those worries to rest. Jeannie answers almost any question about Iceland imaginable. From restaurant suggestions, money saving tips, cultural curiosities, and safety…she’s got it all. If you’re planning a trip here, I would seriously consider purchasing this eBook and map. It’s by far the best resource I have found yet! Thanks Jeannie! We can’t wait to explore this amazing country!

  53. Donna Schilling

    I bought both the Ring Road and this ebook and they are both invaluable. We are RVing Ring Road in July and these books are so helpful in planning our trip. I love that there are pictures for every place mentioned and the maps are incredible!! So happy I stumbled upon Jeannie’s You Tube channel. All of her resources are the best!

  54. Sandy Jordan

    It is an amazing book! So much information that make planning a breeze. We are using it currently, planning our best trip ever! easy!!!

  55. Miriam

    This book was obviously a labour of love. The layout is easy to use, the info is concise and helpful, the timing tips are extremely useful, and the photographs are stunning. Combine that with the custom map where hidden gems and useful spots, like parking & restrooms, are noted, and you’ve got a great set of tools to plan your trip. I’d already mapped out a route for the South but this has been really reassuring that I’ve picked great locations for our interests AND has really helped me assess the timing of my trip. Thanks so much for putting this together.

  56. Jill Natale

    This has relieved so much stress and so much time I can’t recommend Jeannies maps, books, and you tube videos enough! Thank you Jeannie for helping me with my epic 50th bday trip!

  57. Sherri Griffiths-Gerbrandt

    I have been following ‘Iceland With a View’ for a long time now and get excited when My husband & I see the ‘inbox’. We love all the tips, maps updates and knowledge that Jeannie gives. We are super excited about finally planning our trip to Iceland & even may have my son come along to see my great grandparents homeland. I highly recommend this site for all its updates and friendliness. Thank you Jeannie & ‘Iceland with a view’.

  58. Colleen

    I purchased both of Jeannie’s ebooks, and at first I was hesitant to purchase the South & West after buying the Ring Road. BUT I am so glad I did! It has so much extra information especially since we are planning to go to Snæfellsnes Peninsula! I love how the books break down locations and “gems” with helpful info about like the facilities, parking, pro tips, and especially the time allotment. We are using those timelines so we can try to see as much as possible! I also love how if it’s not a location to try doing in the winter she explains why. Now for the map, it’s basically Icelandic gold, I was trying to map things out myself but it was no where near as good! She’s literally thought of everything and even has a lot of the hot pots that I had been searching the internet to try and find directions with no luck! Definitely would recommend if you are trying to plan a trip yourself!

  59. William Wheaton

    The map is easy to navigate, it will be an essential tool for me on my camper trip around Iceland in May/June. Offers lots of great information, and some excellent sights to take in along the way. Truely an excellent book!

    Love from Canada! 🇨🇦

  60. Saulius M.

    The book and accompanying map is very helpful, i.e. time+money saving for those who are planing short (few-days-long) visits to Iceland. It is prepared with love to this beautiful and inclement country, and with friendly attitude to readers, sharing insider’s knowledge, versatile suggestions and warnings how to avoid various hardships, troubles, inconveniences. Especially helpful are (1) map of Iceland ‘must see spots’, hidden gems, hot springs, swimming pools, parkings, shops, food and drink places, toilets, accommodation places, etc. etc.; (2) various ‘Nota Bene’ and evaluations how much time we should allocate to different places worth visiting (in addition to easy-to-get durations of moving from point A to pont B). AND, purchaser receives access to a VIP content of “Iceland with a View” web-portal.
    So, it feels like buying the book – you buy true friendship of professional consultant, allowing you to quickly gain much deeper knowledge of Iceland 🙂 Thanks!

  61. Laura Lei Lin

    Kept following Jeannie’s YouTube channel for a while, already learned tons and tons of useful tips and interesting facts about Iceland, one of the few countries on my bucket list. Now the eBook and the map gave me more confidence to start the journey in May. I thought I already did enough homework, but the book and map keep amazing me page after page. Can’t imagine how much effort Jeannie has put into this great project, to make this all possible! The book and map are a must, if you are a first-timer to Iceland. Money well spent! Thank you Jeannie for helping us!

  62. Kali Ackerman

    We purchased the Ring Road Self Drive Guidebook last year when we traveled the Ring Road in May and it was amazing! As someone who isn’t big on planning and is more go with the flow, the map makes it so easy to decide which stops to make while you’re on the road. We will be going back to Iceland this June, and (unfortunately) only have enough time for the South Coast, Reykjanes, and Snaefellsnes Peninsula so we decided to purchase the new Guidebook. There is even more information and stops for these regions in the new book. We will definitely be relying on this once we get to Iceland, just like we did with the Ring Road Book! We can’t recommend these guidebooks enough!!

  63. Raul

    I have been checking everywhere for any info for my trip in May. This book give me everything I need for it and more. I would recomend it for everyone. You save me and most important,my time. THANKS

  64. Kortney S.

    Jeannie has provided amazing details and tips for traveling around Iceland. Traveling to a place like Europe means you have so many things to research and plan your trip. But there is much less information about Iceland. I’ve planned my trip almost completely off Jeannie’s tidbits as they are so simple and easy to understand. She gives the most important pieces of information necessary to plan an amazing trip! Totally worth the purchase!

  65. Michelle Pack

    This guide and map are WONDERFUL!! Jeannie provides so much information – it’s AMAZING! I don’t think we could possibly have planned our trip without all of Jeannie’s videos, posts, and especially the guidebook and map!! It’s such a small cost for the amount of information you receive! Thanks Jeannie!!

  66. Frank Sparrow

    Get the ebook and map. You have watched Jeannie’s Youtube videos. You have peaked around the free sections of her website. She gave you a discount code for your car rental, and it paid for your top-of-the-line car insurance that covers molten lava raining from the sky, wind driven sand and your car door blowing off the car. Jeannie has saved you hundreds of dollars already. Just get the ebook and map! I bought it. Both items are amazing. I love the ebook. I love the Google Map. The map has information in it that is invaluable. I am taking my teenage daughter to Vik and the Glacier Lagoon. For $20, the information in the map is priceless. I want Jeannie to form a network of Jeannie’s all around the world. Thank you for reading my review. P.S. Get the ebook!

  67. Samantha

    The book and map are amazing! This is has been the single most helpful resource I have encountered! I far prefer it to the numerous travel books I had purchased. It’s thorough, but easily digestible. And the map is just incredible. It really has absolutely everything!

  68. marilyn stewart

    Very informative. Love the access to maps with google also. Learning enough I feel able to drive myself. Plus learning of some areas I didn’t know about like the bridge between the tech tonic plates, Yes I’m stopping.

  69. Joao Zornig

    The book and map are awesome!
    We are in Iceland at the moment and it is really helping us during our journey, I am happy it was released right when we got here.
    This country is not easy to get drive around during winter, the weather is crazy but the with the tips it feels safer, they are very useful and you can relax and enjoy the ride
    We are following every single tip, today we went to Gljúfrabui falls, and it was great.
    If you are coming to Iceland this guidebook and map are a must, they are definitely worth the money!

  70. Kitt Williams

    I travel mostly solo and so I like to be VERY organized with my trips; where I’m going, what do I most want to see and do, what do I need to pack and especially for each season, what to avoid and what NOT to avoid. So its extremely important to have a guidebook so I can make educated decisions about my trip. I find Jeannie’s the best because it includes a map of the MOST important thing to know, where are the bathrooms!! No, seriously, only a woman knows the importance of these little things. I feel much more prepared to make my first trip to Iceland having bought her e-books and having them with me on this most amazing adventure!

  71. Sage

    This is such a great resource!! I was debating whether or not to get it, since I had already planned the bulk of our trip in May, but in the end, I decided to give it a go….and I am SO GLAD I did! Things that I hadn’t been able to plan into my trip by myself are parking locations/fees, restroom locations, crowded times, “pro-tips,” the amount of time to spend at each location, and honestly, so much more. There are even some “Jeannie’s Gems” that can’t be found on Google – super neat places you would never know about otherwise.

    No matter where you are with your Iceland planning, this will be useful for you. The map itself is totally worth it. If you’re on the fence about the purchase, just get it!!

  72. Andrew

    Excellent guide and map my only problem was buying the guide, it was the first time that I had purchased a eBook online and the website timed out on me!


    The book is really good, and the map is marvelous, the only negative thing that I can think of is that the book is not in epub or e-reader format but rather in PDF format, that probably plays better with the style of the book because of the beautiful images that it contains, it is not a problem itself but you should be aware of it. Can’t wait for my trip in September, getting closer by the minute 🙂

  74. Tom lines

    The map alone is worth the money. I spent several long nights trying to create my own map for my trip and this version is still way better than mine. As for the book, it covers everything you need. Like…everything. If it isn’t covered, then it’s not worth worrying about. If you’re going to Iceland, purchase this as your very first step and all other steps of the planning after that will be so much easier.

  75. Matthew Christian

    I have purchased this and the ring road guide. This is very helpful in identifying great POIs as well as seasonal information. Integrates so well with Google Maps! Thanks Jeannie so much! I have purchased 2 other books from Amazon. If I had come across this first, this would have been my only purchase without doubt! Great information, Great pics. Thanks a lot!

  76. Melissa Adams-Cauble

    This book is great! Jeannie’s notes are clearly written and easy to follow. It will be handy to have all the tips in one place. The information regarding time she recommends to anticipate at a site is the most helpful to me in planning because I can anticipate how many beautiful stops will be reasonable for the time we have. I’m looking forward to using the interactive map too! Thanks, Jeannie!

  77. Ignacio

    This book has more information than what you can find online anywhere else. And the map is pure gold! It’s not just full of useful pins but with tips and information for most of them.
    Can’t wait to start planning my trip in September.

  78. Rebekah Pashley

    Very helpful and easy to understand. Concise yet detailed at the same time. Very happy and going to be super helpful when we go to Iceland!!

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