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Bundle B – Ring Road, South+West, Reykjavik, Westfjords

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This is a bundle pack containing digital products. You’ll receive an email containing the electronic file in PDF format (which you can store on your phone, tablet, computer or print out).


  • Guidebooks
  • Maps
    • Ring Road
    • South+West (Golden Circle, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, West Iceland)
    • Reykjavík
    • Westfjords

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Instructions for accessing the map will be included with the eBook.  In addition, in order to access the interactive map, you will need:

  • A Google recognized email account (used to access the Google Maps App)
  • The Google Maps App (available in app stores)
  • A Wi-Fi connection is REQUIRED to maintain access and interact with the map.

**Due to the proprietary nature of the content these maps cannot be saved or downloaded to devices.


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23 reviews for Bundle B – Ring Road, South+West, Reykjavik, Westfjords

  1. Christine

    This bundle is excellent and a must have for those traveling on their own in Iceland. Travel Guides include a ton of very useful information. You can tell Jeannie put in many hours! The maps have been so helpful planning our itinerary. I can’t wait to check out Jeannie’s Gems! I would suggest adding the campgrounds with detailed information.
    We are renting a Happy Camper Van. Thanks Jeannie for the 10% discount! I like the fact I could order 2 additional maps for people in my traveling party.

  2. Cynthia

    I love the material I have received from Jeannie (map and itinerary). 5 stars! The only addition I would suggest is a map of campgrounds for those of us who are using camper vans instead of hotels. Would love to have location and cost of these. We’ll have to discover them when we get there.

  3. Arielle

    This bundle is extremely useful. I’m planning a 10 day trip to Iceland driving around the Ring Road solo. I planned my trip with my own knowledge, but Jeanie’s maps helped tremendously. Being solo, I was a bit nervous about gas stations, toilets, and restaurants. I was able to add all of these locations on my own itinerary so I’m fully prepared.
    Also, Jeanie’s gems is THE BEST. I wouldn’t have knowns some of the places she highlighted (waterfalls, canyons, beaches, hot springs, etc) existed! In addition, Jeanie also sends packing lists, full written guides, and helpful emails along with her videos. Thank you Jeanie and can’t wait for my trip!

  4. Colin

    I bought the B Bundle and have found it very useful in helping us plan our trip as well as finding hidden gems and restaurants and other facilities for our trip. the maps and guides are full of very useful information

  5. Derek

    I found the guides and maps invaluable for planning our trip.

  6. Janet Krasnoff

    This is an amazingly complete bundle! We are using Jeannie’s info to give us the ability to get off the beaten track on this trip after enjoying a guided Ring Road tour a few years ago. This time, we are renting a motorhome so the maps and the PDF’s will lead us to a new adventure wherever we travel. It is going to be key to finding all those amazing places I missed the first time I was there. Thanks for putting all of these details together!

  7. Jan Trangez

    We’ve planned our upcoming trip in May to Iceland by using the previous version of the bundle but I couldn’t resist to buy the new version as well. A truly support for our 3 weeks at a stunning place on earth. Great work delivered by Jeannie. Thanks !


    Used the maps while driving around. Was great to have the places already marked. Definitely worth the money. Was able to go to places that I wouldn’t normally stopped that turned out awesome

  9. Lissa

    Heading to Iceland in May 23, and the guides and maps will help us with our final planning stages as they are full of detail in a user friendly format. They were straight forward to download from Jeannie’s email. Very happy to have found Jeannie and her incredible knowledge and work she has put into these guides/maps. Thanks very much

  10. Jonathan Wood

    These guides are amazing! Thorough and clearly crafted with a passion for Iceland, travel, and sharing. The discounts are helpful as is the straightforward advice that will help anyone plan a trip at any time of year.
    Thanks for all this effort Jeannie!

  11. Christian Josep

    Jeanie literally took the “flying in the blind” feeling away when it came to planning and researching for our planned Iceland trip. Her maps and books combined were all the tools we needed to confidently finalize our trip. Worth every penny!

  12. Marie McClain

    I just returned from Iceland yesterday and Jeannies Maps and Guides were AMAZING!! I chose to do only half of the country this trip so I could really enjoy the “hidden gems” and I was thrilled with every point of interest she maps out. What a time saver your product is Jeannie and I am grateful to have had it while traveling and I look forward to my next trip in the coming months! Thank you again

  13. Jon Derksen

    No-nonsense advice about travel in Iceland. I especially appreciate the four maps I saved to Google Maps, as their interactive, bespoke nature makes them fun to use. The e-books (South & West/Ring Road) complement the maps nicely and clearly Jeanine has poured her heart into this–her transparency and thoughtful product/marketing make it easy to get set up for the trip. She can’t control volcanic eruptions, though 🙂

  14. Steve Scribner

    All these materials seem to be valuable and worthwhile to my future visit to Iceland. I plan to come in July 2022.
    However, I have not been able to dig in deeply as I would like. So, a review at this time is premature.

  15. DLynn Cowdin

    I just received the maps and I am excited to start planning our trip. Thanks !

  16. Cheryl Eiholzer

    We used these guides for our trip in August 2021. The guides helped us find places we were planning to visit and showed us the way to other places that were not planned. Using the guides connected with Google Maps made traveling to places easy. We thought all the places Jeanne suggested were worth the time. The only reason I am giving 4 stars is some points on the ring map indicated that there would be toilets but when we drove to the point, we did not find the toilets. However, when it came to using the guide to go to places to visit plus the connection to Google Maps was worth 5 stars.

  17. Leigh Gardner

    Planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip is a lot of pressure when you decide to do it on your own. The Iceland-with-a-View guidebooks and videos have really built my confidence that I am on the right track in planning our trip.

  18. Nathan Blatchley

    These digital package made our 10 days so easy to enjoy. Every hike, every stop the guides were awesome.

  19. Sherry

    I found these guidebooks as I planned my third visit to Iceland. All of these trips have been with different family members so I did alot of repeat sites mainly in the south. I was SO pleased to find spots I had not seen before on any of my trips. While I’m happy seeing the same things repeatedly as Iceland is different every time you go especially if you change seasons, I LOVED being able to see new sites along these familiar routes. Books are easy to follow, maps are nice, and the hidden gems were invaluable! I cannot recommend these enough especially if you’re planning your own itinerary while visiting Iceland.

  20. Steven

    Leave the bookstore guidebooks at home and get this one!
    Iceland can be a bit overwhelming to plan for on your own; this guide and the google maps made it a breeze AND fun.
    Firstly, the guidebook. Begins with general tips and tricks ranging from culture, money, weather, driving (not like driving at home by any means). Then Jeannie splits the island into different sections and gives so much information on all the major sites, including info on less-traveled sites and some secret places. Most useful were the estimates on time-it-takes to visit a site and seasonal advice. The pages are ordered by the order you would see the sites driving. The guidebook gives you a knowledge of Iceland that makes it easier to change plans and pick different sites should the weather turn for the worse were you had planned to go.
    Secondly, the maps. In the planning stage the maps are useful for picking the main sites you want to see and getting an idea of driving distances to make an itinerary. They come equally useful when you visit a town you hadn’t planned (like for us, Husavík) and being able to, on a whim, to choose things to do and places to eat. Comprehensive and filters out only the best attractions and restaurants.
    And it is all in Google Maps. So easy.
    The money spent on these guides was worth it so many times over. Too bad there aren’t Jeannie clones that can write guides for all countries 😉

    Thank You!

  21. Samantha

    These books were invaluable during our trip. We had a travel agent and our own itinerary prepared, but used these more. Particularly the Google maps, without which we would have been hopelessly lost in several occasions. Cannot recommend enough.

  22. Charley Scruggs

    This guide is excellent. Each region and activity is clearly laid out, and Jennie’s advice on what to do (or not do) depending on the season and weather is invaluable. The Google Map links make things so easy when you’re planning out your route as well. Can’t recommend this enough!

  23. Brenda Dietzman

    If you are planning a trip to Iceland, these are the ONLY guidebooks you need. Spent money on others that barely got opened. Concise, comprehensive, discount coupons, tips and tricks and a bunch of help on how to navigate the Country from a tourist turned Icelander. We would have missed so much if not for these guides. Thank you for pouring your time and effort into this invaluable tool!

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