Reykjavik Digital Map (Map only)


If you’re planning a trip to Iceland, chances are you’ll be spending at least a day in Reykjavík. Between the colorful wooden buildings, lively art scene, and a growing foodie culture, the city is full of gems.

But if you’re not intentional about planning your time, you might miss out on some great spots.

Without the map we’d have missed things…especially the hidden gems! – Mandy

And ya know what? Don’t even worry about where you should park or where you can stop to use the toilet because I’ve already marked them on the map for you!



This is a digital product. You’ll receive an email containing instructions on how to add this map to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

This map for planning your time in Reykjavik includes:

  • An interactive Google map with information on:
    • Major attractions
    • Hidden gems (that most tourists miss!)
    • Restaurants
    • Accommodation
    • Tour + excursions
    • Grocery stores
    • ATM’s
    • Shopping
    • Parking
    • Toilets!

“Jeannie’s maps are bar none the best resource to use for a trip to Iceland.” – Jason


You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access the map. From there you will be able to add it to your computer, tablet, or phone to take it with you on the go!

Note: To access the map, you will need to download Google Maps. 

Download on Android / iPhone

“A must-have for any Iceland road trip!” – Dan


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