If I send you my itinerary can you look at it and give me some feedback?

I used to review itineraries, but that is no longer a service that I offer.

I’m too busy, can you plan my trip for me?

I offer custom itinerary planning where I plan your trip for you! Check availability.

I love planning trips, but where can I get more info about hidden gems and off the beaten path spots?

My guidebooks/maps are PACKED full of helpful information and insider tips. Perfect if you are traveling around the Ring Road, South Iceland, the Golden Circle, Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Highlands, or all of the above.

If you don’t have time to research all the nuances of planning an itinerary I have itineraries that you can grab-and-go, and be confident you’ll have an amazing trip!


Which rental car company do you recommend?

I recommend Blue Car Rental. They are a local Icelandic company and they INCLUDE insurance in their prices which can save you money in the long run. AND I get to offer my readers a discount of 5% off your total rental price! NO CODE NEEDED – 5% off will automatically be applied at checkout when you use the link above!

Do I need a 2wd or a 4wd for my trip?

That depends on the time of year you’re visiting and where you’re planning on driving. Check out the video I made specifically for answering that question!

What if I don’t want to rent a car?

Even though I personally believe that a drive it yourself road trip is the best way to experience Iceland, I understand not everyone wants to travel in that way. Watch: 6 Transportation Options in Iceland

Can you recommend a good map for Iceland?

Even though my handmade digital maps (in my eBooks/maps) are the BEST maps you can get, some people like having a paper map for their road trip. We have this map and I LOVE it – it has the major sights, roads, rivers, towns listed…and it’s WATERPROOF!


How far in advance should I book my accommodation?

Did you know Iceland accommodation fills up during peak season?! I always recommend booking as far in advance as possible. Places usually open availability within one year.

Where can I search for accommodation? 

The best listings in Iceland can be found on


Do you recommend renting wifi or a GPS?

You are better off renting a wifi device. I’ve had readers tell me that the GPS rental wasn’t accurate and sometimes couldn’t even find their accommodation. With a wifi device, you not only stay connected with internet, emails, social media, etc. but you can also access maps for navigation.

Watch my video on the 5 wifi options for Iceland to decide which is best for you and your group.


When is the best time of year to visit Iceland?

This is a very difficult question for me to answer! I personally love each and every beautiful season that Iceland offers for different reasons. I can honestly make a case for the good things about each season! So the “best time” will be different from person to person, and it depends on what kind of things you’re looking to do, as well as what kind of weather you prefer.

Watch: Pros and cons of each season in Iceland

Is Iceland safe to visit as a solo female traveler?

YES! In fact, Iceland is one of the safest places in the world which is why I made a list of the reasons you should travel to Iceland as a solo traveler.


What is the weather like in the winter? Summer?

Iceland really only has two seasons: winter and winter “lite”. For reference, I refer to winter between October-April, and summer between May-September.

Watch: Winter weather in Iceland |  Summer weather in Iceland


What kind of plug is used in Iceland?

Iceland uses the type C plug which has two round pins and operates on a 230V supply. It’s easy to charge things like phones and laptops, but I suggest leaving your hair tools at home so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of converting the voltage, otherwise you will likely blow up your device. Most accommodations will provide a blow dryer for your use.

This adapter is my absolute favorite because it has plugs for Europe, UK, and USA. It also has two handy USB outlets for extra device charging – score!

What kind of shoes do you recommend? 

I personally use hiking boots and recommend them for ANY time of year. I’m talking great grip, sturdy, water-resistant, and comfortable.
Yes, snow boots are also nice to have for those snowy days in December-March but they are HEAVY and take up a lot of space in your luggage!

Check out the rest of the clothing, outdoor, and camera gear I recommend for Iceland.

Do you recommend rain gear or an umbrella?

No matter what time of year, you need to have everything waterproof! It could start raining at any time of the day in Iceland, and you don’t want that to hold up your adventure. Wet pants will ruin your day, which is why I usually don’t recommend jeans! I wear hiking pants over a pair of leggings or long underwear in the winter for extra warmth.

Oh and forget the umbrella – the Icelandic wind will break it the first day!

Should I bring crampons for my shoes?

YES, crampons are necessary if you’re coming to Iceland between November-April. I’ve seen SO many dangerous situations at Seljalandsfoss or Gullfoss where people are sliding down the stairs on their butt or just trying not to fall over and break a limb! The spray from the waterfalls creates ice that can be inches thick! Don’t be the person that can’t walk behind the waterfall because they didn’t have the right gear. It’s better to be more prepared than to be unable to experience something.

What I recommend:
Yaktrax (basic protection/sidewalks)
Spikes (extra protection/what I use)

**Make sure to download my FREE packing lists for summer, winter, and men!


There’s so much to do in Iceland – where do I start?!

The Arrival Guide is a great start for anyone visiting Iceland for the first time. I also have information for a south coast itinerary and 5 free hot springs.

The Ring Road Guidebook also has a ton of options for local-approved things to do.


Where can I eat in Reykjavik on a budget?

There are so many places to eat in Reykjavik, but most of them are ex.pen.sive! I made a FREE restaurant guide that you can read so you can experience some delicious places in the city without breaking the bank.

What are the best restaurants around the Ring Road?

I really love Icelandic cuisine, and while I know it can be expensive, I highly suggest eating out for at least one meal. I’ve made a Ring Road Restaurant Guide pointing out my favorite spots for you!


What tours do you recommend?

I only recommend tours that I have personally used myself. You can check out my list of recommended tours here.

Is the Blue Lagoon worth it?

A very common question and I talk about the pros and cons of the most famous hot spring in Iceland in this video!

Can I hire you as my tour guide?

Sorry, I don’t offer personal tours. The best I can offer is to be your virtual tour guide through my YouTube videos, Guidebooks, and itineraries!


Where is the best coffee shop in Reykjavik? The best museum?

There’s a lot to do in the capital city, but what about the BEST things? Because you need to prioritize your time right? So I wrote the “Best of Reykjavik” to make sure you don’t miss anything!

I want to stay in the city and take day trips, what do you suggest?

A very popular way to travel to Iceland is to base in Reykjavik and take day trips to the beautiful sights. There is so much beauty around Iceland that you really can’t go wrong with where you choose. Hiking, waterfalls, glaciers…it’s like a choose your own adventure country!

Here’s a list of my favorite day trips out of Reykjavik!

What can I do if it’s raining in Reykjavik?

Let’s face it, chances are you will probably experience rain during your trip to Iceland – but don’t let the weather get you down! Here are 7 ideas on how to spend a rainy day in Reykjavik.


How can I see the northern lights in Iceland?

So you’re coming to Iceland and seeing the Northern Lights is HIGH on your bucket list. Am I right?!  I’ve broken down everything you need to know about how to find and photograph the Northern Lights in Iceland. Including camera gear, camera settings, how to check the aurora forecast and weather, and how to see the lights in Reykjavik.

Watch: How to see the Northern Lights in Iceland | Where to see the Northern Lights in Reykjavik


How were you able to move to Iceland?

This is the timeline of how we were able to move to Iceland
This is the story of why we moved to Iceland

Do you have more information about how I can move to Iceland?

Iceland is a difficult country to move to and you need a specific reason to do so. Because of this, I can’t help with immigration stuff, sorry!


The best place to get more information is through my YouTube videos!