If you’re heading to Iceland this summer, then you’re in for a treat! But, before planning your amazing adventures, let’s chat about something super important: your Iceland summer packing list!

As you can imagine, packing for a summer trip to a place that’s literally called ICE-LAND can be tricky! 😉 

When planning any overseas trip, you’ve got to get super specific about what to bring.

Otherwise, we all know what happens: You’re not sure what to bring and end up packing for ALL seasons, and my friend, ain’t nobody got time (or luggage space) for that!

So, if you’re visiting Iceland between June and August, you’ll want to stick around for this because I’ve got the answers to your questions! 

You’ll find out how to dress for Iceland in summer, what the weather is like, and a detailed look at what to pack – including some of my favorite items. 

Let’s get into it!


Iceland Summer Weather

Picture of Purple Lupines in Iceland | Iceland Summer Packing List

You may be wondering: Does Iceland have a summer? 

Technically, yes, but chances are that summer in Iceland is not exactly the typical summertime weather you’re used to. 

While all seasons are a great time to visit Iceland, there are many reasons to come here during summer. 

Many places closed during the winter are now accessible, the days are long, the midnight sun is beautiful, and everything is green.

Summer in Iceland typically spans between June and August. 

May and September are considered shoulder seasons, but you may get lucky with good weather in these months. 

If you want to find out more about what to do in summer in Iceland, festivals, events, tours, and more, you’ll want to check out this ultimate guide.👇

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Average Temperatures in Iceland in Summer

So, let’s talk numbers. How hot is Iceland in summer? 

Iceland’s summer temperatures will be around 55°F/12°C on average, and up to 60-65°F/15-18°C a few days out of the year. As I said, it’s not exactly bikini weather! 😂

This is important when considering what to wear in Iceland in June, July and August.

How to Pack for Iceland in the Summer

As you’d expect, packing for Iceland in June is not the same as packing for a trip to your usual summer destination.  

Remember that you must always be prepared for wind, rain, or both. 

It’s common to experience all sorts of weather in one day! So, when you’re wondering what to pack for Iceland in the summer, remember that dressing in layers is key. 

Mornings can start cool, but warm up during the day. Having clothing that you can easily put on and take off is key!

Having trouble deciding what to bring to Iceland for your summer trip? Let me help you out 😀

My Ultimate Iceland Packing Guide includes specific shopping recommendations and packing checklists. I even suggest what photography equipment you’ll need to bring you to capture those Insta-worthy moments!

Make sure you’re ready for your trip, regardless of the time of year you decide to visit by downloading the PDF below. 👇

Iceland Summer Packing List Essentials: Outerwear

Okay, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of it. When looking at what to pack for Iceland, you’ll still need a lot of outerwear, despite warmer weather.

1. Weatherproof Shell

I always opt for a shell jacket for Iceland in the summer. It should be wind and water-resistant and warm. 

Just remember, it’s not the same as a rain jacket. 

I love that mine is brightly colored, making it perfect for photos! I also like that the length falls below the waist, and my favorite feature is the hood. Be sure to add this to your Iceland packing list for summer.

2. Rain Jacket + Pants

Picture of Jeannie Wearing a Rain Coat as Part of Her Iceland Summer Packing List for the Fimmvorduhals hike in the Highlands in Iceland

My secret weapon for summer is a rain jacket and pants. It’s not the sexiest little number on this list, but likely one of the most practical! 😉

If you plan on visiting waterfalls, you may get pretty wet from the spray. I also like to carry these with me if it starts raining during a hike to keep me completely dry. Just note that you really don’t want to wear this ALL day long because it’s not breathable.

If you plan on visiting the waterfalls in Iceland, here are my top 10 favorites!

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3. Hiking Pants

I always recommend hiking pants for exploring around Iceland. 

I’ll usually wear these on their own or with leggings underneath if it’s cool that day. 

These pants have everything I’m looking for: they’re stretchy, comfy, great for exploring, and also stylish enough to wear when hanging out with friends!

4. Packable Down Jacket or Vest

A great way to add a little extra warmth on cooler days is with a packable down jacket or vest.

It’s super easy to layer with a long sleeve underneath a jacket.

Plus, I love that it packs down into this small, compact ball, saving space in your suitcase.

5. Hat or Headband

Picture of Jeannie Wearing a Headband and Taking Photos on the Side of Dettifoss in Iceland | Iceland with a View

Even though it’s summer, you need something to cover your head or ears on cooler days.

Not all days…but if you happen to need it, you’ll be so glad you packed it!

I usually just wear a headband in the summer, like in the morning or if we’re going on a hike and it’s cold.

Remember that certain areas of the country are colder, especially as you move inland and to the North, so don’t forget to add this to your Iceland summer packing list. 

I love these hats. They’re stylish AND high quality.

6. Gloves

Perhaps not what you’d expect to add to your packing list for Iceland in June,  but you do still need to add cold-weather accessories to your Iceland summer packing list.

You may or may not always use them, but it’s always good to be prepared. 

Now, I’m not saying you’ll need heavy-duty gloves but it can still get cold in the summer and you don’t want to be cold… you want to be out exploring!

You might only use them a couple of times, but no one wants cold fingers! 

I found that a hat and gloves were nice to have when camping. I love lightweight touchscreen gloves that make it super easy to use your smart devices.

7. Buff

In terms of keeping your neck warm, carrying a bulky scarf can be a hassle, especially in summer. 

That’s why I prefer a very lightweight buff. It’s perfect for those windy days (hello Iceland!) and ideal for keeping you warm without adding extra weight to your bag.

P.S. I’ve also seen the buffs worn like a headband if that’s your style!


The next category of items you need to add to your Iceland summer packing list are layers. This will differ from person to person but these are some of my favorites. 

1. Thermal Base

Picture of Jeannie in The Valahnjukur Hike in Thorsmork, Iceland | Iceland Summer Packing List | Iceland with a View

If you’re planning your summer trip, knowing what to pack for Iceland in June and July is essential.

First up is a thermal base layer. Opt for a stretchy, moisture-wicking base because they work well for layering under other clothing. 

To be safe, I’d bring a top and bottom thermal base layer, especially if you’re camping or heading to the country’s interior. I like these long sleeve and bottoms because they stay close to my body and are perfect for layering.

2. Shirt

I like wearing ¼ or full zip activewear tops over the thermal base layer. 

It’s easy to move in, keeps me warm, and if I get sweaty on a hike, it doesn’t matter because I’m not ruining a nice sweater! 

Another favorite piece for layering is just a chambray or some kind of overshirt that you can wear over the thermal base. 

So, if we’re out exploring I’ll take one layer off and then put this on when I’m heading somewhere nice, like a restaurant. 

Sometimes you can wear a T-shirt in summer…  and sometimes not. I have worn a tank top here, but it happens only rarely!

If you’re wondering what to wear in Iceland in June, July and August when going out to dinner, I recommend bringing a few t-shirts for easy layering.

3. Fleece

I’d recommend including a fleece when packing for your Iceland summer trip.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Fleece is easy to layer and is good if you need extra protection from the cold.

4. Pants

Leggings: I don’t know about you, but I’m a comfort gal, so I love stretchy pants. I stick to practical athletic spandex that allows me to hike comfortably or get down low to take photos.  These leggings are versatile, lightweight, and comfy!

Jeans: Jeans are a nice item to bring any time of the year. I wouldn’t wear them for exploring, but you’re going to want to pack jeans with you so that you can have them for things like going out for dinner.


Picture of Jeannie in Kerid Wearing a Headband, Rain Coat and Hiking Boots as Par of Her Iceland Summer Packing List | Iceland with a View

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about what kind of footwear to pack to Iceland. Below are the ones I recommend adding to your Iceland summer packing list.

1. Hiking Boots

In my opinion, one of the best hiking boots for Iceland are these hiking boots

This is my go-to shoe any time of year…and no exception for summer. 

I’ve owned mine for many years, and I hike A LOT!

They’re waterproof with great traction and come up by your ankles for extra support. 

I’ll reach for these on longer hiking days. 

2. Walking Shoes

I love my walking shoes, especially for summer. 

They’re great for sightseeing and exploring, even around the waterfalls. They’re similar to hiking boots, but not as durable for rugged terrain.

They’re good for exploring around Reykjavík and for more casual days. 

3. Flip Flops

One item not to overlook on your Iceland summer packing list is flip flops or a pair of slip-on shoes, especially for visits to hot springs like Reykjadalur and the Blue Lagoon.

They’re convenient to slip on because you don’t want to put on your socks and hiking boots right away when your feet are wet. 

It’s a great way to protect your feet and keep them clean, trust me, it’s a lifesaver.

4. Hiking Socks

Wool socks are always a good idea, you won’t need heavy-duty socks this time of year but you definitely want them to be moisture-wicking.

My favorite are these ones.

If you’re stuck on what to wear in Iceland in summer, or any other season, don’t look any further. 

My Ultimate Iceland Packing Guide is filled with everything you need to pack for your trip. There are checklists, weather averages, and recommendations on what to bring from jackets to electronics.

Grab the FREE PDF here👇

What Else to Add to Your Iceland Summer Packing List 

Alright, so we’ve got the clothing essentials covered, but here are a few more items to include in your Iceland summer packing list.

Sunscreen: Even though the temperatures aren’t very high, the sun is blaring down on you – almost 24 hours/day! Keep your face and any exposed areas of skin protected with an SPF that’s right for you. You do NOT want to buy sunscreen in Iceland because it’s so much more expensive. So bring it along with you!

Walking poles: I always bring walking poles when we’re going on hikes because they provide a lot of stability. These don’t have to be expensive, so even if you invest in a cheap pair, it’s worth packing. 

Backpack rain cover:  You obviously want your gear to stay dry if you’re caught in the rain, and this rain cover for your backpack is great for that and I love that it’s so compact. 

Head net: Don’t let pesky bugs spoil your trip to the Mývatn area in summer. Head nets aren’t the prettiest items but you’ll wish you had one when the bugs become unbearable!

Sleep Mask: Summer MUST HAVE item! This is my favorite thing in the world! You know that it never gets dark in the summer, right?! It’s a serious issue for me because the sky is bright ALL through the night! I swear by this sleep mask – it’s super soft and comfortable, and completely blocks out the light. Add it to the top of your Iceland summer packing list now!

Swimsuit: Iceland has a huge pool culture and one of the things to do here is visit a hot spring.

Quick-dry towel: No matter where you’re traveling to, this thing is one of my favorite recommendations to add to your Iceland summer packing list: Bring a packable towel. A compact microfiber towel is perfect for when you’re visiting the hot springs or if you’re camping. This comes in super handy for showering 

Sunglasses: Many daylight hours + glaring sunlight on the snow = extremely sensitive eyes. So sunglasses are a must. Bonus points if they’re polarized!

Picture of Jeannie Eating Ice Cream and Wearing Sunglasses in the Summer | Iceland Summer Packing List | Iceland with a View

Day Bag: I always recommend bringing a separate bag or backpack. You’ll need it for packing for day trips. In my case, I’m packing in photo gear, snacks, and extra clothes. I always bring a day pack, it doesn’t matter where I go. Trust me, it’ll come in very handy. 

Water bottle: Don’t forget a reusable water bottle. You can top up at a stream while you’re hiking, the water here is so clean. You really shouldn’t be buying water in Iceland!

Camera: If you’re a photography enthusiast looking to take spectacular photographs, you’ll want to bring your camera.

If you’re not sure about what camera gear you’ll need, check out the post I did on photography in Iceland for some helpful tips.👇

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Car chargers: Don’t forget to include a portable phone charger in your Iceland summer packing list. You’ll be using your phone a lot, whether it’s for navigating digital maps, or capturing stunning photos and videos.

Extra phone battery: You’ll be on your phone a lot, whether it’s navigating the digital maps or taking photos and video, a portable phone charger will be a lifesaver!  especially when considering your Iceland summer packing list

Electrical adapters: It’s important to have backup chargers and adapters for your devices. With longer daylight hours you’re bound to take more photos. Remember that you’ll need a charger for the European plugs in Iceland. If you’re a little confused about plugs, adapters, chargers etc. in Iceland, check out this post below👇

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Medicines/prescriptions: There are some medications you can’t get over the counter in Iceland. If you’ve got a prescription or think you’ll need ibuprofen or cold meds, add that to your Iceland summer packing list! 

Ultimate Iceland Packing Guide

Planning a trip to Iceland can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve never left your country!

Don’t let unexpected rain, chilly winds, or drained batteries ruin your adventure. 

Without the right gear, you could find yourself uncomfortable and sheltering in the car, away from the elements.    

Ahem – speaking from experience!                                                                                          

Make sure that you’re prepared for your Iceland summer vacation by downloading my 👉 Ultimate Iceland Packing Guide.           

It includes expert packing tips, shopping recommendations for the whole family, essentials like what documents and electronics to bring, and more!                                

It’s your key to enjoying every moment of your trip without worrying about what to wear or what to pack.

And the best part? It’s FREE!

So, take a deep breath, put your feet up, and daydream about the wonderful trip you’re about to have – without the packing stress. 😊

Happy Planning,

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