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Bundle A – Ring Road, South + West, Reykjavik

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This is a bundle pack containing digital products. You’ll receive an email containing the electronic file in PDF format (which you can store on your phone, tablet, computer or print out).


  • Guidebooks
  • Maps
    • Ring Road
    • South + West (Golden Circle, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, West Iceland)
    • Reykjavík

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Instructions for accessing the map will be included with the eBook.  In addition, in order to access the interactive map, you will need:

  • A Google recognized email account (used to access the Google Maps App)
  • The Google Maps App (available in app stores)
  • A Wi-Fi connection is REQUIRED to maintain access and interact with the map.

**Due to the proprietary nature of the content these maps cannot be saved or downloaded to devices.


  • The designs and images included in these products may not be copied or shared in whole or in part. All photos included are my own.
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14 reviews for Bundle A – Ring Road, South + West, Reykjavik

  1. Tracy

    Travel guides and maps are so helpful when planning your trip to Iceland.

  2. Cheryl W.

    We bought Bundle A to help plan our 21 day trip to Iceland in June. It is so helpful in planning our trip and very easy to use. We rented a camper van and will see the Reykjavik, Golden Circle, Ring Road, and West Iceland. Each areas attractions are listed along with Jeannie’s tips, plus you can click on a listed attraction and it links via Google & Google Maps to added information, photos, ratings. We especially like Jeannies Gems, of places to visit that are special and perhaps not as busy yet. The guide has already paid for itself in savings on it’s information about selecting wi-fi and phone service when we arrive. By far it’s our best trip planner that we will use daily in choosing our itinerary.

  3. Marc S

    Love the Bundle that we bought. Has so much facts and things to do. Some of the stuff Jeannie tells you about , you can’t find in any research you do. The maps are great with all the pins for everything you will need to enjoy your trip. See you in April. Thanks Jeannie

  4. Garry Shaw

    Started running out of time to complete my own maps. Decided on Jeannies and already happy at the result. Know where I wanted to go but now also see what’s around to make other stops I may have not considered or missed. Wish I had looked at getting the guides earlier, would have saved time and may have made better decisions. Already looking at changing some of my itinary thanks to the books.

  5. Ronnie Hormel

    SO HAPPY I got the 10 day tour itinerary, even though we only went to the south coast of the country. Jeannie’s recommendations were so helpful and spot on! Print the itinerary out, put it all in a binder with clear sleeves and take it along so you can flip for her tips throughout the day. Saved SO MUCH MONEY using Jeannie! Don’t waste your money on tours. Iceland has wonderful roads, and navigating was extremely easy. Honestly, all you need is one of the itineraries a rental car, and you’re good to go. I’m recommending Jeannie to everyone going to Iceland.

  6. Rob

    Saved a 💩 ton of time …not to mention stress in trying to figure it all out. The Google Maps are like gold served up on a silver platter. You can make copies of them and then easily tweak them to build your own itinerary that you can have preloaded for your travel. Thank the lord I found Jeannie on Youtube

  7. Marc

    I’m planning on going to Iceland in September and I saw Jeannie’s guidebooks and realized this is exactly what I needed. Her maps are incredibly detailed and the guidebooks give you many options and information that I would never get from anyone else. I booked my car through Blue and got a great price for an SUV to take on the ring road. I can’t wait to go and she has even answered my personal questions via YouTube and I know if I have more questions, she will be there to answer them. Thanks,.Jeannie! P.S. Can’t wait to have rye bread ice cream!

  8. Gary and Nora

    One of the best if not the best Iceland guide so far. We found Jennie from Youtube and immediately we knew that she was the right person to ask when it comes to visiting Iceland. The book provided lots of very useful information that helped us to plan our upcoming trip to Iceland. What usually takes weeks or even months to plan now just takes days with all the easy to read and understand information provided in the book. No more guessing! Overall highly recommended!

  9. Sara

    Jeannie’s guidebooks and map were the best Iceland planning tools! Thanks to her guidance, we had so many wonderful experiences, including seeing a gorgeous waterfall all to ourselves. Her information made our trip so easy to plan and we loved the Jeannie’s gems! Jeannie never steered us wrong, unlike Google Maps, which did on multiple occasions.

  10. Deepa D

    We absolutely LOVED using Jeannie’s ebooks and watching her youtube channel. It started when we stumbled onto her YouTube channel while gathering more info for our trip to Iceland. Once we found her, she was our one stop for all information related to Iceland. I can’t tell you how informative and useful her ebooks where for our planning and while in Iceland. I highly recommend using her ebooks for every aspect of your trip. We were traveling with our 7 yr old and even he was like – did you check, what Jeannie had to say about this point/place. We had a most wonderful and memorable trip to Iceland and I would definitely say Jeannie played a very big part in it being successful.

  11. Jaqueline

    Jeannie, your work is incredible! I planned a 7 day trip during the holidays and it was absolutely incredible! I used your maps real time while we were driving the roads of Iceland to check if there was anything near that we would like to see. I could not have done it without your books and maps. Thank you!!

  12. ShaunD

    I cannot tell how helpful Jeannie’s ebooks and maps are! She has thought of EVERYTHING!! There is not enough room to list all of the benefits of Jeannie’s hard work for visitors to Iceland! Jeannie has done YOUR homework!! There is not one travel blog on Iceland that is more helpful or thorough! I have been telling everyone about Jeannie! No need to look elsewhere! Thank you, Jeannie! Our trip was perfect because of you!

  13. Laura Thompson

    This is a must buy when planning your trip! I have told EVERYONE I know to get this. The hidden gems are worth it alone but the maps were a life saver! I even used the print outs when we did our slideshow to provide more background on each location we visited. When Jeanie rates the places 10/5…GO! Buy the bundle, go adventure, and have a great time!

  14. Whitney

    This was such a helpful bundle for my first trip to Iceland, I used the restaurant recommendations as well as the hidden gems to make my experience an incredible one.

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