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Bundle C – Ring Road, Reykjavik, Westfjords

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This is a bundle pack containing digital products. You’ll receive an email containing the electronic file in PDF format (which you can store on your phone, tablet, computer or print out).


  • Guidebook
  • Maps
    • Ring Road
    • Reykjavík
    • Westfjords

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Instructions for accessing the map will be included with the eBook.  In addition, in order to access the interactive map, you will need:

  • A Google recognized email account (used to access the Google Maps App)
  • The Google Maps App (available in app stores)
  • A Wi-Fi connection is REQUIRED to maintain access and interact with the map.

**Due to the proprietary nature of the content these maps cannot be saved or downloaded to devices.


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  • The designs and images included in these products may not be copied or shared in whole or in part. All photos included are my own.
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5 reviews for Bundle C – Ring Road, Reykjavik, Westfjords

  1. Joanne Herrman

    I have never been to Iceland before. I can’t wait to go! Jeannie’s information really has me excited and I am so ready! I think her maps are so helpful for a person that have never been there before. We rented a camper van and were able to get a discount because we subscribed to Jeannie’s newsletter. The maps are very interesting in that day even show where the bathrooms are! As an old lady, this is helpful for me. I love all the pointers about Shopping and places to eat along the road. I am counting on seeing all of the gems she has marked on the map. Invaluable!

  2. Brittany H.

    Jeannie’s guides and maps are probably the best investment you could make when planning a trip to Iceland. The maps come in handy when planning your route and I love all the hidden gems throughout! This is my second trip to Iceland and this time, my fiancé and I are getting married! Nothing traditional, just campervanning through the ring road, Westfjords and some highlands end of August/early September. With that being said, the Bundle C WAS PERFECT! She has put so much time into making the guide and maps and it’s very much appreciated. There is no Iceland travel blog like hers and I’ve researched A LOT! Thank you for all you do, Jeannie!

  3. Colin Santana

    I was spending hours researching but ultimately coming back to the same questions, where to stay? and how much can we do in one day? By dumb luck I stumbled upon Jeanie’s YouTube channel and it was as though the heavens opened. Jeanie’s 10 day Itinerary laid out everything in a step by step, clear, concise manner. Everything we need to plan our Sept 2023 trip to Iceland. Thanks Jeanie!! We’ll send you pics from our trip.

  4. Michael Steiger

    This pack w/the book and maps made our trip AMAZING. We were able to look at all the spots on the map and chart out an amazing adventure every day.

    The book was so helpful – traffic rules, what the different signs meant, tipping policy, etc etc. There’s so much you can do and the book simplified all our decisions and helped us have a blast. 5/5 stars, worth every penny.

  5. Cree Putney

    Thank you so much for your Ring Road Guide, the South + West Guide materials. The digital map was perfect and we would have been lost without it! We spent 14 amazing days, over 3000 kilometers, in our little camper and used Jeannie’s advice all the way. Like your guidebook quotes “we fell in love” with Iceland! We traveled in early September, which was perfect for us as there were no crowds. We followed the preparations segment to a tee. The Monthly Planning Checklist was an absolute must have. I loved the “Money Stuff” section as well. So many things we would not have been prepared for were laid out perfectly in your guidebook. We loved how you guided us through the airport upon arrival. When the fun began, your pro-tips were just that, we felt like a pro during our visit. We traveled clockwise starting with the Westfjords Region, then worked our way back to the Ring Road, using your itinerary along the way, sprinkling in your “Best of” and “Detours” to make our trip unforgettable. Again, thank you Jeannie for you guidance as it gave us a ton of confidence to enjoy Iceland’s finest!

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