It’s no secret Iceland is a top destination for travelers these days. With it’s dramatic landscapes of lava fields, glaciers, and waterfalls, Iceland is a photographers dream!

One of my favorite things to do in Iceland is just drive around and take photos. Since this country is so darn photogenic, I’m always filling up memory cards on my camera! And that quickly turns into never-ending content for my Instagram account. (Are you following along? @icelandwithaview for your daily dose of Iceland!)

While this list could EASILY be over 100 places long, I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite photography locations that are picture-perfect for your Instagram feed.

Happy Instagramming, friends!

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The iconic church in downtown Reykjavik can be found in the skyline of the city. While most people make it over to photograph the stunning pillars on the outside of the church, make sure to pay the small fee to ride to the top. The colorful rooftops over the city are right out of a storybook!

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One of the most popular stops on the South coast is this stunning waterfall. What makes it unique is you can walk behind it, and this makes for amazing photos! Note: you will need a wide angle lens to capture it all!

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I love love LOVE the painted mountains of Landmannalaugar. Located in the interior of Iceland, this gem is a little trickier to get to. If you want incredible hiking, and even more incredible views, you have to make your way to landmannalaugar!



The most historical area of Iceland is in Thingvellir where the old parliament buildings are. Thingvellir is also where you can walk (and dive!) between tectonic plates – where the North American and Eurasian plates come together. This is a gorgeous area to walk around – photo ops everywhere!

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If I could recommend ONE thing it would be to make the drive to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. This is a magnificent sight to see – icebergs breaking from the glacier and floating in a lagoon before pushed out to sea. The diamond beach across the road is equally as impressive. I could spend hours here running around with my camera!

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I have three favorite towns in Iceland, and this is one of them. Helloooo adorable! The colorful houses, the boats in the harbor, and the lighthouse that overlooks it all – I LOVE Stykkisholmur!

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I definitely have an obsession with waterfalls. And while there are THOUSANDS of waterfalls in Iceland, I have to say this is the most impressive. Located in the breathtaking Westfjords, this one is really difficult to get to, but worth every single minute!

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Most people will recognize this place as it is know as the most photographed mountain in all of Iceland! It’s easy to see why – the unique pyramid shape with the beautiful waterfalls in the foreground. Summer, winter, northern lights…there’s not a bad time to visit this mountain!


Plane Wreck

Although it’s more difficult to get to after the access road closed, this abandoned plane wreck is a sight to see. The U.S. Army had a base in Keflavik in World War II and a plane went down in bad weather during a test run. Luckily everyone survived, but they stripped the plane of it’s usable parts and left the remains.

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Remember when I told you I had three favorite towns in Iceland? This is another one! Adorable houses, check. Delicious food, check. IN a massive fjord, check! Even though it’s a bit out of the way, Seydisfjordur is a quintessential Icelandic small town. HIGHLY recommend!



Of course everyone that visits Iceland wants to see a black sand beach! Vík is not far from Reykjavik and has the most iconic one – with basalt stacks and all. Just a warning: DO NOT get close to the waves – several people have died here because of carelessness!



Hot spring in a cave? It’s too hot to swim, but GORGEOUS in photos!



Remember my obsession with waterfalls, and combine that with visiting places off the beaten path and you have one of my favorite waterfalls. Háifoss requires a 4×4 to drive to, so most people don’t take the time. If you are headed this way, I promise it will be worth it!

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BONUS: Northern Lights

Are the northern lights on your bucket list? Well then you are in luck because Iceland is one of the best places in the world to see them! The best months are between September and April, and anytime we get to see these beauties is certainly a day maker!

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Question: What are you most looking forward to photographing in Iceland?





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