If you have a passion for the great outdoors, you’re going to LOVE Landmannalaugar!

Nestled in the rugged expanse of the central Highlands, this remote destination is not only every hiker’s fantasy – it earns its bragging rights to some of the most impressive landscapes Iceland has to offer. 

You’ve likely never come across anything like it before!

Planning a trip to Landmannalaugar can be tricky, so to set you up for success I’ll be sharing some key insights you’ll need to know for your journey.

From exploring different routes to get there to hiking the area, guided tours, and accommodation options, I’ve got your back.

The moment you decide to go, you’re signing up for an adventure from start to finish, psst…  the journey there is also a thrill! 

Are you ready to navigate the untamed paths of Landmannalaugar?

Let’s get into it!

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Is Visiting Landmannalaugar Worth It?

Picture of Jeannie at the Top of the Mountain in  Landmannalaugar, Iceland | Iceland with a View

Close your eyes for a moment…

I want you to imagine a land full of vibrant-colored rhyolite mountains, lava fields, and geothermal steam vents. 

If you’re picturing The Land Before Time, you’re not far off!

Located in the Highlands of Iceland, Landmannalaugar is a gem that’s definitely off the beaten path but totally worth seeing. 

It takes around 3 hours and 15 minutes to drive from Reykjavík to Landmannalaugar, so you can schedule this as a day trip, or there are accommodation options if you plan on extending your stay.

For hiking enthusiasts or nature lovers who swoon over otherworldly landscapes, this is a must on your to-do list!

Landmannalaugar Weather

Remember that the Highlands of Iceland are colder than the areas around the coast, therefore it’s SUPER important to bring warmer clothes with you.

Always be prepared from head to toe with rain gear as well, because this is Iceland after all and you know… the weather does what it wants!

The average temperature from June – August is 7-13 degrees Celsius (45-55 Fahrenheit). 

In the summer months, you can expect sun, wind and rain.

Best Time of Year to Visit Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar in winter is completely inaccessible, and the F-Roads leading into this area don’t open until at least mid-June. 

Therefore, you can only access this area in the summer, and the roads will be open from mid-June until the end of August – sometimes into the middle of September, depending on when it starts to snow. 

How to Get to Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is located in the central highlands and part of Fjallabak Nature Reserve in the interior part of the country.

It can be accessed in three different ways: From the south, west, and north. 

The south is the most difficult because there are major river crossings and the road is bad. 

The west is the most common and a little bit faster, but I like taking the north access because there are a few hidden gems along the way, and if you know me, there’s no way I’m passing up that opportunity!

Okay, we’ve got the routes, now let’s take a look at how to physically get there.

Self Drive to Landmannalaugar

Picture of a Defender Car Going Up the Hill in  Landmannalaugar, Iceland | Iceland with a View

Your first option is to drive yourself.

These are the roads to take, depending on which direction you’re coming from: F26 and F208 from the north, F225 from the West, or F208 from the South.

If you’re planning on driving yourself, you will absolutely, without question, need to get a 4WD vehicle. These roads are the F-Roads, and a 4WD is non-negotiable. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the roads that lead into Landmannalaugar are very bumpy, full of potholes and they’re not paved and you also have to cross some rivers.

Pro tip: You need to make sure, before you head into Landmannalaugar, that your vehicle is full of fuel because there aren’t fuel stations around for at least 40 miles and you don’t want to get stuck!

I highly suggest checking out my F-Road video. This will teach you everything you need to know about driving on those roads and the kind of vehicle that’s required.

➡️ READ MORE: F-Roads In Iceland: Everything You Need To Know For Safe Driving

Landmannalaugar Bus Tour or Excursion

Another way to get there is to take a bus or excursion. 

You could hire a company like Reykjavík Excursions or Trex, and it’s possible to do a  Landmannalaugar day trip.

During the summer, they operate regularly from Reykjavík to Landmannalaugar and travelers can board at nearby towns along the route. 

So, if you want to get dropped off, do some hiking, and then head out on a bus, it’s possible.

Or if you prefer to stay overnight, simply arrange your accommodation or bring your tent. This way, you can enjoy hiking and catch a bus out when you’re ready. 

If you’d prefer an experienced guide driving you to the Highlands’ most scenic spots, then check out this tour👇 

➡️ Tour: Laugavegur- Fjallabak Super Jeep Tour

Hiking from Thórsmörk

Another option to reach Landmannalaugar involves hiking from Thórsmörk. 

For the adventurous and well-prepared, the Laugavegurinn trail spans 34 miles from Thórsmörk to Landmannalaugar. 

I’ll go into further detail about this trail below.

Don’t travel to the Highlands without this.

Take the guesswork out of planning to Iceland’s most difficult area to travel to. This Travel Guide will help you plan an unforgettable Highlands trip from start to finish. 

  • Travel Guidebook
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Things to Do in Landmannalaugar

Most people who travel to this part of the country want to try out the hiking trails and you should too! But, there are also other cool things to do on your visit. Let’s find out what they are.

Landmannalaugar Hikes 

Picture of Jeannie at the Top of Bláhnjúkur Hike in  Landmannalaugar, Iceland | Iceland with a View

Not only is it an incredibly beautiful area to hike, but there are a lot of Landmannalaugar trails to choose from. 

Bláhnjúkur, Mount Brennisteinsalda, and Laugahraun: These are some of the most common Landmannalaugar trekking routes in the area. Laugahraun is the most popular route that goes through a lava field and it’s great for all ages.

If you are heading into Landmannalaugar, I recommend being dropped off at the main base camp and checking the local maps to decide how much time you have, and what the trek looks like, as well as speaking with the wardens about the conditions. 

Laugavegurinn: Explore mountains, lava fields, volcanic craters, and geothermal springs on this hike. But be warned – theLaugavegurinn trail is not for the faint of heart!

It covers a 34-mile-long hiking trail from Landmannalaugar to Thórsmörk, and it’s usually done over four days. It’s made up of four parts:

  • Landmannalaugar to Hrafntinnusker
  • Hrafntinnusker to Álftavatn
  • Álftavatn to Emstrur
  • Emstrur to Thórsmörk 

It’s an intense journey and not recommended for inexperienced hikers

There’s a LOT of planning involved, including securing campsites well in advance. 

Pro tip: Always make sure you leave your travel plans with safetravel.is. If you’re venturing into the Highlands, you’ll be navigating treacherous roads and possibly hiking in remote areas where you rarely see other people. 

It’s crucial that someone is aware of your whereabouts in case of an emergency. 

If you’d like to see what a hike here looks like, take a peek at this video! 👇🏼

Horseback Riding

Another fun activity you can do is horseback riding. 

Picture yourself on an Icelandic horse, feeling the crisp mountain air on your face as you experience some of the most amazing scenery Iceland has to offer. 

If that doesn’t sound awesome, I don’t know what does!


Landscape View of a Lake in the Highlands | Iceland with a View

If you’re into fishing, then you’ll be happy to know that there are a few lakes around the area where you cast a line. 

Lakes include Bláhylur Lake and Ljótipollur, known for its abundance of trout. 

Who knows, you might just reel in the catch of the day while surrounded by Landmannalaugar’s stunning scenery!

Landmannalaugar Hot Springs

One of the coolest hot springs in Iceland is located here, and trust me, this is the perfect way to end a hard day of hiking! 

It’s free of charge (with camping admission) to soak in these springs and Mount Brennisteinsaldais right there, just to add to the scenery that’s out of this world! If you’re not camping at Landmannalaugar, you can pay a facility fee to use the springs. 

If you’re looking for more awesome hot springs in Iceland that are FREE, be sure to check out the post below.👇

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Thankfully, waterfalls are abundant in Iceland! If you’re like me and take any chance you can get to see one, then you’re in luck when traveling to the highlands because you can spot waterfalls like Háifoss, Granni, Hjálparfoss, and Sigöldufoss.

➡️ Tour: Landmannalaugar Hiking, Nature Bath & Háifoss Tour

Iceland Highlands Tour

If you’re visiting the Highlands of Iceland, a Landmannalaugar tour is a great way to see the area, especially if you’re worried about driving those F-Roads.

Another plus about taking a tour is that you usually get to see a lot of sights in one excursion because the guides know the lay of the land. 

Experience the Hekla volcano and lakes, dip in a natural hot spring, and see the lava fields and Hjálparfoss all in one tour. Check out the details below.

➡️ Tour: DT 04 Landmannalaugar & Hekla volcano 

Landmannalaugar Accommodation

Usually, when people take a Landmannalaugar tour, they only opt for a day trip. However, if you do want to stay overnight, there are a couple of different accommodation options available. 

Landmannalaugar serves as the primary base camp in Fjallabak. 

Base Camp

Landscape View of the Basecamp in Landmannalaugar | Iceland with a View

The first option is to set up at the base camp. Here you will find an indoor eating hall, toilets, showers, maps, and a huge outdoor area where you can set up your tent or RV. This is where you would most likely stay as a traveler. 

Landmannalaugar huts: These mountain huts at the base camp can accommodate 75 people and there’s a hot spring close by.

Camping: Landmannalaugar base camp is also a great place to park your campervan. I recently took a road trip with the family and rented a Happy Camper Van and I highly recommend their 4×4 van for Landmannalaugar camping!

Book a Happy Camper Van and get a 10% discount with my code: IWV10

Accommodation Options Along The Laugavegurinn Trail 

Since Landmannalaugar marks the start of the popular Laugavegurinn Trail, you might be wondering what accommodation options are available along the trek.

If you’re not tent camping, there are a bunch of mountain huts you can book along the trail to Thórsmörk. 

I suggest booking your mountain hut quite far in advance because there aren’t a lot of them and they book up fast. 

The specific stops along the Laugavegurinn Trail you will want to spend the night at are Hrafntinnusker, Álftavatn, Emstrur, and Thórsmörk (the trek’s end at the Básar base camp).

Looking for a bit more flexibility? 

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and flexible way to experience Iceland, you’re going to want to check out this post.👇

➡️ READ: Iceland Camping 101: How To Plan The Perfect Icelandic Adventure

Dining Options 

Picture of the Famous Café Bus Named Mountain Mall in Iceland | Iceland with a View

Don’t expect to find any fancy restaurants or coffee shops here!

Dining options are extremely limited. 

At the base camp in Landmannalaugar, there’s an old bus that’s been converted into a café/tiny store named Mountain Mall that has some of your basics and essentials. 

Of course, it’s going to be more expensive, but it is nice just in case you don’t have everything with you or you or you need something urgently.

Since hot food isn’t available for purchase, you need to bring your own food along. The good news? When it comes to water, you don’t need to buy a thing – the rivers are all drinkable so be sure to bring your water bottle. You can also refill from the sink/tap at the base camp!

Planning a Trip to the Highlands? 

Exploring Iceland’s Highlands is thrilling yet it can be difficult to find quality information out there about planning a trip.

The remote location, challenging roads, and unpredictable weather can all be hurdles in your planning.

That’s why I created the ultimate resource to help streamline your trip. 

My 👉Highlands Travel Guide is thorough, practical, and easy to use.

From the handy interactive map to the checklists and resources, this guide is designed to take the stress out of planning your Highlands trip.

In it, you’ll get:

✅A guided itinerary for the Highlands

✅Google map including a Landmannalaugar Map  with hikes, gas stations, major attractions, Jeannie’s gems and more

✅How to plan, camping info, photography tips… I could go on!

If you’re in Iceland in summer, you cannot pass up the chance of visiting the Highlands.

Cheers to bumpy rides and scenic strides!

Happy Planning,

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