Okay, we need to talk about a serious problem in Iceland tourism and that is accommodation. If you guys are trying to book a trip to Iceland, I recommend booking accommodation like yesterday

The number of tourists that are coming to Iceland and the number of available accommodations doesn’t really match up, as in there are more tourists than there are available accommodations. I mean, I literally heard of people that are trying to book accommodations and places are completely sold out, as in there’s nothing available. It’s a little scary. I’ve also heard of people that are trying to book accommodation and places have just said, “Okay, well, we are charging $500 for this room for one night.” That’s insanity. So, you guys, seriously, let’s plan ahead and avoid those major pitfalls. 2-Minute Tip Thursday, let’s get into it.

If you’re wondering, how do they fix that problem, Jeannie? Well, it’s coming down to people are renovating their old farmhouses, they are renting out their second homes, they’re renting out their first homes, it’s kind of a disaster. So, my best advice is to book your accommodations as soon as you know exactly when you’re coming to Iceland. This is not only going to save you stress, but this is going to save you so much money if you are planning for this trip.

I want to tell you guys about my two favorite resources for searching and booking accommodations in Iceland.


This is my absolute go-to resource for booking accommodation in Iceland. They have a huge selection of places including hotels, guest houses, and hostels. My favorite is that they have a map feature which is really, really helpful for doing your search. All you have to do is type in the approximate location that you want to book your reservation, click on the map search feature and then you can see all of the properties that are available around that area.

Search for Iceland accommodation 

The other nice thing about Booking.com is a lot of places will have pay when you stay and/or free cancellation up to a certain date. It’s a really nice way to at least get something on the books. I always, always, always recommend my readers to get something reserved, even if you have to cancel it, and you can get a refund and change your reservations around, but the first thing that you have to do, honestly, is just get something scheduled.


People like to use Airbnb because they’re looking for places that maybe have a full kitchen and it’s furnished and maybe a patio or something like that. You’re feeling like you’re staying in someone’s actual home, so this is a nice option for families or big groups of people. 

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