Oooo, the hot spring culture in Iceland. Hot water, Icelandic scenery, yes, it’s just as amazing as it sounds. A lot of you want to visit a hot spring during a trip to Iceland, but you don’t want to pay the expensive price or deal with all the tourists at the Blue Lagoon, so today we’re talking about the other options, where else can you go to experience this culture? I’m going to tell you!

Hello, Team Iceland. My name is Jeannie, I am your tour guide for all things Iceland planning. And so basically what that means is I want you to have the best Iceland trip ever and every week I give out new videos to help you do just that, yay! Today I’m going to tell you about five alternatives to the Blue Lagoon. So if you want to experience the hot spring culture in Iceland, but you don’t want to pay the hefty price, I’m going to tell you about them. Let’s get into it.

Laugarvatn Fontana

The first one is Laugarvatn Fontana. This is a hot spring spa that you can find on the Golden Circle route. What I like about Laugarvatn Fontana is it is a spa filled with different temperatures of water, so you can go from medium-hot all the way to super-hot. And then right next door to it is a big lake and that is filled with freezing cold water, so basically you can go between hot and cold. You know, the old shock therapy, which is really good for lymphatic drainage.

Gamla Laugin

Another one, and also on the Golden Circle route, is Gamla Laugin, or the Secret Lagoon. This one is gaining in popularity because it’s a little more natural of a pool but definitely way less expensive than the Blue Lagoon. Also, the scenery around this area is amazing, so this is a really, really good way to end your road trip for the Golden Circle.

Myvatn Nature Baths

Next up is the Myvatn Nature Baths. This is a hot spring spa that is in North Iceland, but it is an amazing alternative to the Blue Lagoon because it’s kind of like the Blue Lagoon of the North. It looks a lot like the Blue Lagoon, in that it has this milky blue water and the lava and everything like that, but it’s definitely not as touristy as the Blue Lagoon and also not quite as expensive.

Hofsos Pool

Next up is the Hofsos Pool. This is a gorgeous pool on the Trollaskagi Peninsula in North Iceland. The reason that this place is so amazing is because, hello, it’s an infinity pool, and the background is absolutely amazing! Do not miss this stop if you’re traveling in the north.


Last is a brand new spa called Krauma. Located in West Iceland, it’s similar to Laugarvatn Fontana in that there are five pools with various temperatures and a cold bath. The unique feature here is their lounge area with a cozy fireplace, as well as a restaurant serving local fresh ingredients.

All right my friends, those are your five alternatives to the Blue Lagoon. I’m interested in hearing from you, which hot spring are you looking forward to going to during your time in Iceland? Let me know in the comments and I will see you again next week for another helpful Iceland planning video.

Happy planning,

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