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  • Iceland Ring Road Map + Guide


    Your Iceland planning struggle ends now…because the Ultimate Ring Road Travel Guide is here to the rescue!

    You can stop the frantic Googling, the endless scrolling for inspo, and the confusion of sifting through inaccurate blogs.

    It’s time to sit back and relax, because you’ve found your one-stop shop for all things Iceland planning.

    With the Ultimate Ring Road Travel Guide in hand, you’re ready to head out on Iceland’s most iconic road trip. This easy-to-follow route circles the entire country, giving you a chance to explore Iceland’s most stunning attractions – from glaciers to thunderous waterfalls, rejuvenating hot springs, and more.

    Take it from nearly 200 five-star reviews –  the Ring Road Travel Guide is your ultimate companion for exploring Iceland.

    This 2-in-1 product gives you everything you need to plan the trip of a lifetime.

  • West + South Iceland Map And Guidebook


    The West + Sound Iceland Map and Guidebook is ideal for travelers who want to tick off all the top sights on their Iceland bucket list without straying too far from Reykjavík.

    Explore Iceland’s most famous attractions—from black sand beaches to majestic glaciers, and the renowned Golden Circle route—all handpicked by a local to guarantee you see the highlights and hidden gems of the area.

    Your search for up-to-date, reliable info ends here. With my trusty guidebook and west and south Iceland map, you can say goodbye to: 

    🚫Frantic Googling searching.
    🚫 Wondering if that Reddit post from 2017 is still accurate.
    🚫 Endless scrolling for inspo.

    You’ll have everything you need to explore the west and south of Iceland, gathered in one convenient spot by someone who knows it best.

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    Bundle D: South + West, Reykjavík, Westfjords

    Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $48.00.

    Looking to experience the best of Iceland, from must-see landmarks and secret spots to the buzz of city life?

    Then Bundle D is calling your name! 😍

    Discover the best of Iceland’s stunning South and West regions, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Reykjavík, and explore the untouched beauty of the Westfjords with this comprehensive package.

    This bundle combines my highly-rated South + West Iceland Guidebook + Map, which takes you on a journey through some of Iceland’s most iconic landscapes, with maps for two other must-visit areas: the lively capital city of Reykjavík and the remote and rugged Westfjords.

    The South + West Iceland Guidebook + Map will be your ultimate companion as you explore some of Iceland’s most famous landmarks, from the iconic Golden Circle route to South Iceland’s epic waterfalls and more.

    Complement your adventure by diving into Reykjavík’s thriving art, food, and music scenes with my map that reveals the city’s hidden gems.

    And for a quintessentially Icelandic experience, I’ve included my Westfjords Map so you can get off the beaten path and discover the area’s untouched natural beauty, including pristine fjords and secluded hot springs.

    Bundle D takes the stress out of Iceland trip planning, giving you a complete set of tools to design your perfect getaway.

    No more feeling overwhelmed or unsure – with this bundle, you’ll touch down in Iceland with a plan that sets the stage for the trip of a lifetime! 

    This bundle was the only thing we needed to make our trip awesome. I tell people who are planning a trip these are the only books you need. Packing, rentals, insurance, weather, ideas, food, bathrooms, how to pump gas, road signs…all of it! – Brenda D

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    Bundle C: Ring Road, Reykjavík, Westfjords

    Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $48.00.

    Planning a trip around Iceland’s legendary Ring Road and eager to explore more of the island’s breathtaking regions?

    Bundle C is your perfect travel companion!

    This bundle combines my top-selling product, the Iceland Ring Road Guidebook + Map (with nearly 200 5-star reviews!), with maps for two other must-see regions: the bustling capital city of Reykjavík and the remote paradise of the Westfjords.

    Touring the Ring Road is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    But you can make it even sweeter by immersing yourself in Iceland’s hip capital city, using my map that lets you see Reykjavík through the eyes of a local.

    And truly connect with the country, I’ve included my Westfjords Map, guiding you to hidden corners of Iceland, filled with wild natural hot springs and unspoiled nature. Because this region is so remote, finding reliable info online can be tricky.

    But with Bundle C, you’ll have everything you need to explore these must-see regions with ease! 

    Jeannie’s guides and maps are probably the best investment you could make when planning a trip to Iceland. The maps come in handy when planning your route and I love all the hidden gems throughout! – Brittany H. 

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    Bundle B: Ring Road, South+West, Reykjavík, Westfjords

    Original price was: $90.00.Current price is: $83.00.

    This bundle is for the traveler looking to see as much as possible during their time in Iceland! 

    Bundle B is your best option for getting 4 of my top regional maps for one unbeatable price.

    This deal includes comprehensive guidebooks and maps for Iceland’s most stunning regions: the Ring Road, South + West Iceland, Reykjavík, and the Westfjords.

    With Bundle B, you’ll have everything you need to explore these must-visit areas like a seasoned pro. I’ve combined our top-selling Guidebooks + Maps into one convenient package, giving you unparalleled value and coverage of Iceland’s most breathtaking destinations.

    Imagine having expert advice, detailed maps, and insider tips for all these incredible regions at your fingertips.

    No more piecing together information from various sources or worrying about missing out on the best attractions. Bundle B has you covered!

    Jeanie literally took the “flying in the blind” feeling away when it came to planning and researching for our planned Iceland trip. Her maps and books combined were all the tools we needed to confidently finalize our trip. Worth every penny! – Christian J

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    Bundle A: Ring Road, South + West, Reykjavík

    Original price was: $80.00.Current price is: $73.00.

    Why pick between Iceland’s most popular regions when you could get multiple for one unbeatable price? Bundle A is perfect for the traveler looking to experience the best of Iceland in one comprehensive package!

    My Ring Road Guidebook + Map and my South + West Guidebook + Map are my two most beloved products with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

    The Ring Road Guides gives you extensive coverage of the country, from famous waterfalls in the South to the picturesque villages of the East to the remote beauty of the North.

    The South + West Guidebook + Map takes you on a tour of some of Iceland’s most iconic sites, from the epic Golden Circle route to the rugged Snaesefellsnes peninsula.

    And with the Reykjavík map in hand, you’re all set to see the city through the eyes of a local!

    With Bundle A, you’ll have everything you need to explore these must-visit areas like a seasoned pro.

    I cannot tell how helpful Jeannie’s ebooks and maps are! She has thought of EVERYTHING!! – Shaun D.