Everything you need to know about planning a June trip to Iceland. Things to do, weather conditions, daylight hours, events and festivals, and more! In this video, I want to make sure you are aware of the areas that are accessible and not during this summer month.

If you are planning a June trip to Iceland, then get excited, my friend, because I have the most comprehensive guide for your June planning to Iceland. Hello, team Iceland. Welcome back to my channel. If you are new here, then my name is Jeannie, and I am here to help you plan the best trip ever to Iceland. Today, we’re talking all about the month of June in Iceland, what it means for daylight hours, sightseeing, driving, and all of the things, so let’s get into it.

Daylight Hours of June

All right, so the first and very most important thing when planning your June trip is considering the number of daylight hours that you have. June is the craziest month because it is literally the peak of summer and the longest daylight hours of the entire year. I’m talking 24 hours of light in the sky. Yes, it is a crazy, crazy phenomenon. This is what’s referred to as the midnight sun. It essentially means that the sky doesn’t get dark, so in the middle of the night, it’s going to look like you’re in some kind of weird, hazy apocalypse dream.

The longest day of the year is June 20th, which is the summer solstice, so the few weeks on either side of this day is when it’s literally the longest days, the brightest days, which brings me to my pro tip. Bring a sleep mask with you. Literally, THE most important thing that you can pack in your suitcase for your summer trip is something that covers your eyeballs so you can sleep at night. Otherwise, your brain’s going to be like, “It’s not time to go to sleep. It’s light out.” This is Iceland in the summer. Yes, it’s wild, and yes, you’re going to have a hard time adapting to it, but if you have a sleep mask, then you’re going to be a lot better off.

Weather During June in Iceland

Next up, let’s talk about the weather in June. You can expect temperatures to be from three to 16 degrees Celsius or 37 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit, so on average, we’re seeing nine degrees celsius, 48 degrees Fahrenheit average temperatures in the summer, so that’s pretty crazy in itself. A lot of travelers that are coming in the summer are expecting warmer temperatures. It’s just not the way it goes in Iceland. Yes, we can have 20 degree days. It just doesn’t happen that often. It might be one or two days of the whole year that get up that warm, but on average, I’m talking nine degrees celsius, 48 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s your average temperature. Sorry to bring the bad news. I didn’t make the weather. I’m just reporting it.

In June, you can expect lots and lots of sun, cloudy days, wind of course, and then some rain as well. And if you guys are wondering what you should pack in your suitcase for your summer trip, then make sure to check out that video that I’ve made completely about that, where I go through all of the items and what to bring in your suitcase.

The Sights Open in June

So in terms of what’s available for sightseeing in June, almost everything. I’m saying that because it’s the beginning of the season that lets you into the Highlands. These Highland roads, or F-roads, are going to be starting to open up usually around mid-June. That’s like the average time that the Highland roads will open. That means that you can start having access into Landmannalaugar, Þórsmörk, and those areas. Of course, the total rest of Iceland, Ring Road, Golden Circle, Snæfellsnes, Westfjords, all of that is totally accessible in June, so rejoice.

Now, along with that obviously, everyone knows that June is a great time to visit Iceland, so this is the heart of peak tourist season. With that, you can obviously expect a lot more people at all of the main attractions and a lot more traffic on the roads. Speaking of roads, driving in Iceland in June is easy. It’s a breeze. Well, I should say especially if you’re sticking to the main roads, right? If you’re not going into the Highlands and using those F-roads, it’s a breeze, easy, easy, easy. In fact, I would go so far to say as a two-wheel drive is perfectly fine for the majority of summer travelers in Iceland. The only exception to this is if you’re traveling into the Highlands. In that case, then you need a four-wheel drive, but for a complete explanation of what I’m talking about, check out my F-Roads video.

June Happenings in Iceland

Last but not least are the festivals and fun events that happen in June, so get ready, because there’s a long list of things going on this month. In early June is the Reykjavík Arts Festival. This is when artists from all over the world come to perform contemporary and classical works in unconventional places throughout Reykjavík. This is a really fun time for art and music lovers.

Also in early June, on the timeline of the Easter schedule, is what’s called Hvítasunnudagurinn, or White Sunday. As I’ve said in previous videos, Icelanders take Easter very seriously, and since this is one of those holidays, then the seventh Sunday and Monday after Easter are taken pretty seriously in Iceland. People have off work, people are doing some traveling, so you can expect some limited hours around that time.

Now, a very, very important day in Iceland is June 17th, and that is independence day in Iceland. This is the day that Iceland gained its independence from Denmark, so this is a huge, huge celebration around the country. Think about the comparison of 4th of July in the USA. Definitely lots of celebrations going on, and it’s such a fun thing to experience. There’s a lot of national pride on this day.

One of the biggest musical events of the entire year takes place in June, and this is the Secret Solstice Festival. This is a festival that invites local and international musicians to play on a huge stage in the middle of Reykjavík over the weekend of the longest day of the year, so the summer solstice. This is a huge, huge musical festival. It’s taken place outdoors, and I highly recommend that you check it out if you’re planning on being there around that time. So much fun.

And the last thing is the WOW Cyclothon. This is a bicycle race that actually takes place around the entire Ring Road. This event has been gaining in popularity over the years. However, I have to say I’m not sure if they’re going to continue on with this race because of the airline going out of business. But either way, you do have to be careful around the Ring Road, because there could be traffic delays because of the bicyclists.

And just a reminder that if you want to know all about the planning things, including all of the months, and everything that you would need to plan your trip to Iceland, you don’t have to wait for the month to come out. Just grab a copy of my eBook. It’s literally designed to help you plan your trip and give you all of the information that you would need to know.

All right, my friends. That is your June roundup for planning your trip to Iceland. I hope you guys loved this video. If you did, then make sure to give it a thumbs up. Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday, and I will see you next week. Happy planning, friends.

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