It’s 2016 and everyone still wants to be connected to wifi, even while they’re traveling. Posting your beautiful photos to Instagram, keeping people updated with your Insta-story…adventurers don’t quit just because they go on vacation! And then there’s GPS navigation – we can’t live without Siri telling us where to go!

In this post, I’m sharing the pros and cons of 5 different options to stay connected to wifi during your time in Iceland + one BONUS tip that will blow ya mind!

*The included video was originally a Live broadcast that I do every week in my Iceland Travel Planning Facebook group. I’m going to start sharing them to help more people plan their trip to Iceland!

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Today I want to go over five ways that you can stay connected to wifi while you’re in Iceland.

Someone this week asked about it in the group, and I thought it was a fantastic question.  There are a lot of different options for modem rentals and internet in Iceland, so I’m going to go over the pros and cons of each!

Let’s begin.

Hook up an international plan with YOUR cell phone provider


  • Simple – call to switch it over
  • Can easily call for questions about your bill


  • Possibly expensive depending on what provider you use, etc.
  • Could be limited on data/calls/text

Buy a sim card when you arrive


  • Simple – swap it out with your current sim card and go!
  • Great coverage


  • Another thing to do/stop to make before you get started on your journey

Rental car company


  • Easy! Could already be built into the vehicle
  • Convenient! You’re picking up rental car anyway


  • Limited amount of data
  • Could have bad service (reporting based on a friends recent experience – they spent a lot of money per day and it didn’t help them at all)



  • Reliable – I worked with them and had a great experience
  • Unlimited data for multiple devices (good for families traveling together!)
  • Very reasonable daily fee (price varies based on package you select)
  • Local company with great support


  • Have to make sure it’s charged

Rough it old school style!


  • Save money!
  • Limits distractions (I sound like a grandma)
  • Internet widely available at restaurants, cafes, hotels so you will still be able to connect at the end of the day


  • We rely on internet for almost everything these days including research, GPS navigation, and updating snapchat!


I just learned about this feature this year and it’s fabulous so GET EXCITED!

Downloading offline Google maps.

This is pretty much amazing and revolutionary

Google maps released a feature where you can download a section of a country and save it to your phone and use that with straight up navigation like Siri telling you to turn here and turn here and you have arrived…ALL without using wifi.


I’m going to step you through how you can use it on your phone.

You will need:

  • Google Map app (not apple maps)
  • An adequate amount of space

Open Google Maps app
Click on Menu (3 lines next to search bar)
Click on offline areas
Select custom area
Zoom out to desired area
Navigate as usual!

*works with perfect navigation WITHOUT wifi!
*Stays on your phone for 30 days

We used this when we were in Ireland and then my friends used this when they were traveling in Iceland and they had zero problems. You’re talking step-by-step navigation without using wifi. Amazing!


That was my super secret bonus tip, I hope you guys learned something!

If you have any questions please let me know – these live videos are fueled by your questions and comments!


Question: Which method did you use while traveling in Iceland and what was your experience?




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