These days everyone still wants to be connected to wifi, even while they’re traveling. Posting your beautiful photos to Instagram, keeping people updated with your Insta-story…adventurers don’t quit just because they go on vacation!

While traveling in Iceland you will be able to find a WiFi signal pretty much wherever you go. Whether you choose to rent a hotspot or use your phone to stay connected to the internet – there are options for you.

In this post, I discuss the various WiFi options in Iceland and how to ensure that you stay connected during your trip!

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Today I want to go over four ways that you can stay connected to wifi while you’re in Iceland.

Let’s get into it.

International plan with YOUR cell phone provider


  • Simple – call to switch it over
  • Can easily call with questions about your bill


  • Possibly expensive depending on what provider you use, etc.
  • Could be limited on data/calls/text

Buy an Icelandic SIM Card


  • Simple – swap it out with your current sim card and go!
  • Great coverage


  • Another thing to do/stop to make before you get started on your journey

Rental Car Company


  • Easy! Could already be built into the vehicle
  • Convenient! You’re picking up a rental car anyway


  • Limited amount of data
  • Could have bad service (reporting based on a friend’s recent experience – they spent a lot of money per day and it didn’t help them at all)

Trawire Portable Modem Rental


  • Unlimited data for multiple devices (good for families traveling together!)
  • Very reasonable daily fee (price varies based on the package you select)
  • Airport-to-airport coverage
  • Coverage for 98% of drivable areas in Iceland at the highest speed possible 
  • Local company 24/7 support


  • Have to make sure it’s charged

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