I’m a huge fan of the Snaefellsnes peninsula, I think it’s such a gorgeous region of Iceland. Every time I’ve been there, I’ve seen something different and each time seems more beautiful.

Lonely Planet has ranked it #2 in the world for top regions to visit in 2016. This part of Iceland is sometimes referred to as “little Iceland” because it combines the most diverse landscapes that Iceland has to offer: glaciers, lava fields, mountains, volcanic craters, jagged cliffs…all on a tiny peninsula in the Northern Atlantic!

When we were here on our honeymoon we both agreed we would love to come back for a winter trip…surely everything looks just as beautiful with snow! So I’m on a mission this winter to see everything again! And let me tell you…so far, everything looks really different dressed in white.

This new series of posts is like the Iceland landscape version of “Who Wore It Better”…summer or winter.

First up…Snaefellsnes Peninsula!



I would have been happy just driving around the peninsula and leaving without stopping at any of the sights. Driving the road around Snæfellsnes, you are wedged between huge mountains and the sparkling ocean…what could be better?! Pretty sure I almost went in the ditch several times, there was so much to look at!

Winter bonus: very few other travelers!



I love the Stykkishólmur harbor. Just look at all of those adorable multi colored fishing boats, and then the cliff in the background? I can’t even.


The snow covered mountains inSnaefellsness are unbelievably beautiful. And you can’t get those badass dagger icicles in the summer!


I’m in love with this adorable lighthouse. Look at it just sitting on top of the hill overlooking the ocean. In the winter the path to the top is not maintained so it’s an all out trek climbing on all fours and trudging through two feet of snow to get to. I even slid on my butt on the way down because it was so steep and slippery!


Kirkjufell and the waterfalls is the most iconic part of Snaefellsness. The mountain is the most photographed mountain in all of Iceland! I think it’s a really impressive sight to see, even if the waterfalls are frozen! I have now officially seen Kirkjufell in all weather and seasons…next up: aurora in the BG!


I love the contrast of the snow on the black rock with the blue ocean crashing in. And I somehow manage to get to Lóndrangar by sunset every time. I’m not going to complain!


The Snæfellsjökull glacier is my favorite. I love the cone shape of it, and it just sits at the end of the peninsula like the badass it knows it is.


Búðir is a small bay on the Southern tip of the peninsula. Set in a lava field with a clear view of the Snæfellsjökull glacier, this area is a beautiful spot to stop.

And seriously, this church needs to be in a movie.


Okay, so lakes aren’t as stunning when you can’t get the mountain reflection in it, but this one is still gorgeous! This mountain is huge in real life, and I love the flat black face against the white snow. Probably one of my favorite instagram photos.

Also, how did I get so lucky with that blue sky?!


Hands down winter wins the sunset award. Not only does it last longer than you would expect, but I love the way the snow makes the colors of the sky standout.
The coastline at Arnarstapi was an unbelievable place to watch, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more beautiful sunset in my life!

P.S. You can see the summer version of Snæfellsnes HERE.

Question: What do you think…is winter winning you over?

Pin it for later!Winter is one of my favorite times in Iceland, and there are a lot of benefits to visiting at this time of year! Check out these gorgeous winter photos of Snaefellsnes Peninsula | Life With a View


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