Everything you need to know to plan your trip to Godafoss

Name: Goðafoss

Pronunciation: go-the-foss

Translation: Waterfall of the Gods

History: Godafoss got its name when Christianity was declared the official religion of Iceland, so the locals threw Norse pagan gods statues into the waterfall.

Location: North Iceland, right off the Ring Road

Info: 30m wide horseshoe shape, 12m tall, broken into multiple falls

Parking: large parking area, 5-minute walk to the falls

Access: can be accessed from both sides – West side most common, East side can stand up top or go down to river

Viewing: lots of vantage points – perfect place to practice long exposure/silky waterfall look!

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Photo gear: tripod, wide angle lens, ND filters

Best light: Summer – from the east for sunset / Winter – from the west for sunrise

Time needed: 30 minutes-1 hour

When to visit: year-round! Goðafoss is beautiful in the summer, with autumn colors, or covered in snow/ice. NOTEcrampons and 4wd recommended for winter travel.

Don’t forget: walk back towards the road and across the bridge to view a smaller waterfall called Geitafoss.

Pro-tip: The closer you get to the waterfall = more spray – waterproof gear recommended!

Camping: campsite right across the street – perfect for sunset/sunrise pics!

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Accommodation: Akureyri, Myvatn, Husavik

Good to know: There’s a cafe, souvenir shop, guesthouse + fuel station across the street

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