Hello team Iceland and welcome back! This is THE best place for anyone planning a trip to Iceland. 

Now in today’s video I want to talk about Vik, a tiny village located in South Iceland! You’ve probably heard of it, but what you may NOT know is what I talk about in today’s video! Let’s dive right into all of this…

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Main Sites:
Reynisfjara – black sand beaches
Dyrholaey – rock arch out in the ocean
The classic church atop the hill

Jeannie’s Gems:
Katla museum – It’s FREE!
A hidden black sand beach 😮
and of course, shopping!!

Not a ton of options for food, but there is a GREAT place called: Sudur Vik. Think charming, creaking floors, antique furniture, this place has it ALL – AND great food. They have our favorite Icelandic entree – we don’t travel through Vik and not stop here!

Overnight Stay:
Hotel Kria has a delicious breakfast buffet, cozy seating areas and an awesome Happy Hour! They will even call you if there is a Northern Lights/Aurora sighting!

Book your stay at Hotel Kría: http://bit.ly/2vRnLUx

Leave a comment below on which of these places is making you the MOST excited about your trip!

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