5 day iceland itinerary, south iceland itinerary, golden circle itinerary, iceland map, tablet with iceland itinerary, phone with iceland map, iceland waterfall5 day iceland itinerary, south iceland itinerary, golden circle itinerary, iceland map, tablet with iceland itinerary, phone with iceland map, iceland waterfall

5-Day Iceland Itinerary: South Coast + Golden Circle Itinerary

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Short on time but eager to see Iceland’s highlights? I’ve got the perfect plan for you!

Organizing a trip to Iceland can be overwhelming, especially with limited time. 

You might be wondering: 

  • “How much can I realistically fit into one day?”
  • “What’s the perfect balance between sightseeing and relaxation?”
  • “How can I avoid spending most of my trip driving?”

No need to worry—this 5-day Iceland itinerary has all the answers for a stress-free and unforgettable trip.

Designed for travelers who enjoy a relaxed pace, this itinerary lets you savor every magical moment. Get ready to explore Iceland’s wonders with ease and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Why Choose This 5-Day Iceland Itinerary?

Relaxed Exploring: Take it easy with a 5-day itinerary that lets you enjoy each destination without the rush.
Expertly Planned: Skip the hassle of planning and follow an itinerary that effortlessly guides you through Iceland’s best spots. It’s like having a local friend in your backseat telling you where to go!
Must-See Sights and Hidden Treasures: Visit Iceland’s famous landmarks and enjoy hidden gems that are specially marked along your route for an authentic Iceland experience.
Comprehensive Planning: From packing tips to navigation advice, to places to stay and eat, every detail is covered to make your trip a seamless success! 

Practical Details:

Duration: 5 days/4 nights
🗓 Season: This is an Iceland 5-day itinerary for summer (check out our winter itineraries if you’re visiting outside these months).
🚙 Type: Self-drive
📍Distance: Approximately 600 kilometers (373 miles)

Your 5-Day Iceland Adventure Features: 

Reykjavík and Sky Lagoon: Start your trip in Iceland’s vibrant capital, with an optional visit to the Sky Lagoon for some rest and relaxation.
Highlights: Journey along the stunning South Coast, taking in breathtaking waterfalls, dramatic black-sand beaches, and picturesque villages.
Golden Circle Adventures: Experience the geological wonders of the Golden Circle, from powerful geysers to the historic Þingvellir National Park.
Hidden Treasures: Explore secret spots and lesser-known gems along your route that most tourists miss! 

Everything That’s Included: 


  • Detailed PDF guide outlining the must-see attractions and places to visit along The South Coast and Golden Circle route
  • Hotel and restaurant recommendations (with detailed info on menu items, price points, and ratings) to suit every taste and budget 
  • Packing lists and pro tips from an Iceland expert so you don’t miss a thing
  • Exclusive discounts to save BIG on your trip
  • + so much more


  • Hidden gems most tourists miss as they travel Iceland
  • Pins highlighting the best places to stop along the route, including local eateries, convenient gas stations, and quaint villages 
  • Accurate information on essential stops like restrooms, gas stations, and grocery stores to ensure you’re never stranded.
  • Must-see natural attractions like waterfalls, hikes, secret hot springs, and viewpoints marked on your itinerary map
  • Confidence to travel Iceland knowing that every must-see stop, hidden gem, and practical point is marked just for you!


✘ Flight to and from Iceland
✘ Rental vehicle (you can access everything in this itinerary with a 2wd vehicle)
✘ Accommodation bookings (budget, mid, and high range options suggested in the itinerary)
✘ Tours/excursions (relevant tours are suggested throughout the itinerary where applicable)
✘ Fuel
✘ Food + drink

“I can’t tell you how fantastic it was to wake up each day, open our map, and know exactly where we needed to go – it took all the stress out of traveling, but none of the adventure.” – Trish

Who Is This Itinerary For?

Mid-Paced Travelers: Designed for travelers who prefer to explore Iceland’s wonders without the stress of a packed schedule or long drives.
First-Time Visitors: A pre-planned itinerary gives you the confidence to travel to Iceland for the first time knowing you’re not missing any important details!
Road Trip Lovers: Great for those who love the freedom of a self-guided tour while following a well-thought-out route.
For Every Budget: Whether you’re looking to splurge or save, this itinerary has options to fit your budget.
For All Types: It doesn’t matter whether it’s a couples trip or you’re taking the whole family, the travel advice in this itinerary is applicable to all types. 

This 5-day Iceland itinerary is the best way to see all of Iceland’s major highlights (and some awesome hidden gems!) without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Prepare to be wowed by the Icelandic landscape and get set for your best trip ever!


You’ll receive a PDF file of this itinerary, delivered straight to your email. From there you will be able to print it or download it to your computer, tablet, or phone to take it with you on the go!

Instructions for accessing the map will be included with the itinerary.  In addition, in order to access the interactive map, you will need:

  • A Google recognized email account (used to access the Google Maps App)
  • The Google Maps App (available in app stores)
  • A Wi-Fi connection is REQUIRED to maintain access and interact with the map.

**Due to the proprietary nature of the content these maps cannot be saved or downloaded to devices.


  • This is an information product only. Prefer a custom itinerary designed to suit you? Click here to learn more here!
  • This itinerary perfects the timing of each day. Research still needs to be done to understand Icelandic weather, driving rules, etc. All of this information can be found in my guidebooks.
  • The designs and images included in this product may not be copied or shared in whole or in part. All photos included are my own.
  • 💥 Due to the nature of digital files, this purchase is non-refundable and not eligible for upgrades to a different itinerary.  Please take the time to consider all options before choosing the itinerary that suits you best. If you have any questions about this product you can email at hello@icelandwithaview.com

“Jeannie took out all the stress of how much we can fit in a day and helped us plan the most incredible trip ever!!” – Emilie

Places you will see with this itinerary:

Optional tours to add with this itinerary:




You can do it either way.

That depends on the size of the group and your own preferences but all of the sights in this itinerary can be reached with a regular 2wd (however I always recommend a 4wd for winter travel).

 Flights into Iceland land at different times of the day depending on where you are traveling from. The arrival and departure days of the itinerary are flexible and allow for plenty of travel time to and from the airport.

Each itinerary allows you to see as much as possible without too much driving. Most days are under 3 hours of drive time but could be up to 4 hours a day depending on your accommodation location. Driving distances are located in the description.

Tours, food, etc.

Guided excursions can be purchased separately. I have suggested which activities are available in the region based on the day you are traveling and linked to how to book. 

Restaurant suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided each day of the itinerary. On the map, I’ve also included places in between in case you get hungry for a snack or are wondering where the best ice cream stop is!

This itinerary perfects the timing of each day. Research still needs to be done to understand Icelandic weather, driving rules, etc. All of this information can be found in my guidebooks.

Thank you for supporting my small business and allowing me to help you have the best Iceland trip ever! A lot of work goes into these itineraries so I would appreciate if you would keep your purchase to yourself. Additionally, these itineraries could change from year to year based on what’s available or new infrastructure.

Timing details

There are hundreds of itinerary combinations for Iceland factoring in days, seasons, or regions. I’ve chosen the most common routes and perfected the timing so each day is filled with adventure but not over busy or rushed. If you want to use this itinerary as a foundation and add a night or more in a certain place that’s fine! Just note there will be no modifications to the documents that I send, you will have to make that adjustment on your own.If you want to use this itinerary as a foundation and add a night or more in a certain place that’s fine! Just note there will be no modifications to the documents that I send, you will have to make that adjustment on your own.

November-March has limited daylight and unpredictable weather so extra consideration is required in planning each day. The winters have been carefully planned out with these factors already accounted for!

I am open to creating new itineraries for popular routes. If you have a suggestion for future itinerary combinations please submit it on this form

Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital files, your purchase is non-refundable and not eligible for upgrades to a different itinerary.  But don’t worry – all of my products are designed to work together, I’ve got you covered!  If you’ve found that you have additional time, (or your trip has to be cut short), you can always utilize my guidebooks to help you narrow down or expand your trip. These resources are designed so that you have the best information available to make the most out of your Iceland Time.  


Of course! Each itinerary includes plenty of Jeannie’s gems to make your experience unique, not just visiting the major stops.

Yes! You will be able to use this itinerary regardless of group size. 

A lot of sights can easily be reached from the parking lot with minimal walking. If I suggest a hike in the itinerary, it would be easy to skip and move on to the next place without it affecting your day.

The guidebooks are great if you want to research on your own – all information is provided to plan your trip. The pre-written itinerary takes out all the guesswork – the planning is already done for you! 

Route Differences

If you have 5 days in Iceland, there are two routes for you to choose from: My Golden Circle + South Coast itinerary and my Golden Circle to Glacier Lagoon itinerary.

The Golden Circle to Glacier Lagoon Itinerary is for travelers who want to see as MUCH as possible and truly maximize their 5 days in Iceland. You don’t mind covering a bit more ground or driving a bit further to see some of Iceland’s most epic sites (like the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon!).

The Golden Circle + South Coast Itinerary is for travelers who prefer a slightly more relaxed pace for your Iceland trip, limiting time in the car. You don’t need to see every single famous landmark. You’d rather move a bit slower and linger at each spot, savoring the journey and soaking in the vibe of each place!

If you have 7 days in Iceland, there are two routes for you to choose from: My 7-Day Ring Road Itinerary and my 7-Day Itinerary that covers the Golden Circle + South Coast + Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

The Ring Road itinerary circles the entire country and covers some of Iceland’s most famous landmarks. While you’ll be doing slightly more driving, you’ll truly see the heart and soul of the country, even visiting some remote regions where more tourists don’t wander (like North and East Iceland). It’s a great mix of Iceland’s iconic sights mixed with quieter regions from the crowds!

My 7-Day Itinerary that covers the Golden Circle + South Coast + Snaefellsnes Peninsula showcases some of Iceland’s most epic highlights while staying closer to Reykjavík. This itinerary gives you the best of Iceland’s most accessible regions. 

While some of these popular areas might draw more tourists, I’ve included loads of hidden gems in this itinerary so that you can escape the crowds and see a more authentic side of Iceland. 


It’s best to wait until after you purchase the itinerary to reserve accommodation so that you are in the right place each night to maintain the next day’s activities. 

Absolutely! Camping just means more flexibility with where you stay. Some towns have multiple campgrounds, so you would look for camping in that area. 

No, you are responsible for booking your own accommodations. I recommend where to stay each night, and suggest a few options based on low, mid and high budget. 

During peak tourist season it is possible for popular areas to have little availability. If you find this to be the case, simply expand the search area and reserve within a 20 mile radius in either direction. For example, if I recommend staying in Selfoss for the night, you could also search Hveragerðito the West or Hella to the East.

To optimize your time in Iceland and to be able to see all the things, each itinerary has you staying somewhere new each night. If you prefer a slower pace of travel and want to stay an extra night in a certain area you can do that, you would just need to adjust your own itinerary for that situation. 

Yes! Campgrounds are located on the accompanying map. If you’re planning to camp while on your summer trip, you can use these itineraries for tents, camper vans, RV’s, and more!

10 reviews for 5-Day Iceland Itinerary: South Coast + Golden Circle Itinerary

  1. Jo

    An absolute must have, Jeannie’s itinerary has been just amazing, absolutely worth the money. Thank you Jeannie

  2. Ryan Reger

    Don’t do Iceland without this!!
    We’re only on Day 1 of our trip and Jeannie’s itinerary has already paid for itself!

  3. Hannah Kuranz

    The itinerary was so helpful! Loved all the gems and would highly recommend buying.

  4. Walt Kupson

    My wife and I have found Jeannie’s website, YouTube channel, and her 5 Day Itinerary SO valuable AND entertaining!! The Google Map is incredible and a perfect medium for planning since I can toggle between road view, satellite view, terrain view, and even street view. Plus I can flag special things that I want to see. I also have the ability to measure distance so I can figure out how far a walk it is from a parking lot to some destination up the hill. Jeannie is also super-cute and really entertaining besides being an AMAZING knowledgeable resource. Big fans!!!

  5. Kristy Perry

    Jeannie’s itinerary packages have been such a life saver while planning our Iceland trip! I was so overwhelmed and couldn’t even get started with the planning. After purchasing the 5 day itinerary – Golden Circle + South Coast I feel completely confident that we will be able to see everything possible during our short stay. Also, our group has been diving into the interactive map as well as the YouTube channel. There is just such a wealth of information and has gone a long way to making us confident that we will be well prepared or this trip. I can’t wait to come back and leave a review after our trip in September. Thanks Jeannie!

  6. Dejah

    Updating my review to 5 stars. There was a customer service snafu and once Jeannie was made aware, she handled it with profound professionalism.
    Regarding the Itinerary – it takes out most all the guesswork. This itinerary is for 4 full days and day 5 is departure. It includes a welcome page, packing list, trip checklist, tips and more critical information, in addition to the daily itinerary with travel times and estimated time at the recommended sites. There are also “gems” which I’m looking forward to checking out while there. All that’s left for you to do is figure out your timing, and book your tours (through Iceland with a View, of course 😉 ) and you’re good to go!

  7. Dejah Urbanovitch

    4 stars for the itinerary and 1 star for the customer service.
    The itinerary is helpful in planning your days. It includes a welcome page, packing list, tips and more, in addition to daily itinerary with travel times and estimated time at sites. There is itinerary for 4 days. Day 5 is just departure. It would be helpful if the itinerary included more details like recommend time of day to leave/be places, and how/when to fit the recommended tours in. I like to have insider information that a local friend would give you (like, try to be at XX spot by sunset or leave an hour before sunrise and you’ll have the place to yourselves).
    The original description of the listing said 7 days/6 nights. That’s the itinerary I needed (6 days). Upon receiving, the itinerary turned out to be for 4 nights/5 days, I immediately emailed hello@icelandwithaview.com letting them know about the typo (with screenshot) and my desire to have the 7day/6night. I asked to order the 7 day and pay the difference, and as an alternative I offered to purchase the 7 day and asked for a refund on the 5 day. I sent 5 emails over the course of 2 weeks and have still not received a reply. During that time, I purchased the guidebook and map. I received an automated promo email with “now that I had the map” but I hadn’t been granted access to the map yet. So I contacted customer service again and they responded and granted me access, so I know my emails were getting through. I even mentioned my dilemma w the itinerary in that email. Still no response. I also know the original request was received because the website description has been corrected. I’m tired of the non responsiveness so I just purchased the 7 day, and I’m out $175 for 2 redundant itineraries instead of $100 for one.
    I recommend this itinerary for anyone looking for a rough daily plan. If you’re someone that does a lot of research on a place before traveling, you may know most of the information already, but it could still be helpful to see it brought together.

  8. Monica

    I am doing a mother/daughter trip to Iceland from March 1-12 and I was having such a hard time planning it. I have to say that this itinerary literally saved me. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much Jeannie!!

  9. Miranda

    This itinerary was a LIFESAVER during our trip to Iceland. We had such an amazing time and all of Jeannie’s suggestions were spot on. Our days were busy but we had plenty of time to fit everything in. Purchasing wifi in the car was soo helpful because it was portable and could be taken anywhere! Ingólfsskáli Viking restaurant is a must not miss for us!! The only thing we with we knew was that there is quite a long hike at the top of Skógafoss which was beautiful & one of my favorite parts of the trip. We didn’t realize the there was a hike at the top of the waterfall and wish we had enough time to do the entire thing. If we go back we will definitely revisit this hike!

  10. James Cote

    Great itinerary with plenty to see and do. Jeannie’s gems were great. The best advice was to get a hot spot in the rental car. It makes everything so easy.
    We’ll worth the investment.

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