As requested…FOOD PRICES in Iceland!

Hey guys it’s Jeannie, and today we are talking about groceries, and saving money in Iceland.

We all know that Iceland is expensive. I know, I live here, I deal with it every day. I try to remind myself, when thinking about the prices in Iceland, that I live on island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, that’s covered in lava. It’s expensive to buy food here, because you can’t grow things in lava!

Fun fact for you, when we moved to Iceland our grocery bill tripled. So the good news is you have me. Since then I’ve learned some trips, and tricks, and things like that to help you. My best advice is to go to a grocery store. Main grocery stores in Iceland are called Kronan and Bonus. But, but, but those grocery stores don’t open until 10:00 AM. What? What are you guys doing until 10:00? 

One thing to know is even if you drive out of Reykjavik you still will have access to grocery stores. So don’t worry if you are planning on starting your road trip right away, you’ll be able to stop at Bonus which is in a lot of the small towns around Iceland. There’s also a gas station that’s called N1, and they surprisingly have full grocery stores at some of their stations. So don’t worry if you have to leave Reykjavik right away. You will come to find more grocery stores.

One of my tips – Jeannie’s tips – tips by Jeannie! One of my biggest tips is to bring a soft-sided cooler. Super easy, because it can pack and fold pretty small and compact. So you can put it in your luggage. Buy some ice, keep some of your cold food in here cold. Highly recommend bringing a soft side cooler. So are we ready to go grocery shopping? Let’s go.

(In this video I take you on a tour of Bonus grocery store showing prices for fruit, vegetables, sandwiches + prepackaged meals, cheese, milk, eggs, skyr, butter, meat, fish, bread, peanut butter + Jelly, canned foods, pasta, rice, granola bars, gluten-free options, candy, snacks, coffee, tea, soda, alcohol wine + beer)


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