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Now in today’s video I want to talk about winter driving in Iceland – but not just the basics – because you already know that stuff!  This time, we’re talking all things SAFETY and I’m going to give you FIVE tips that will help you get the most out of your trip!

Winter is not winter in Iceland!

You literally have to be ready for anything because depending on where you are there will be changes in temperature, conditions, weather from place to place.

In the past few weeks there have been so many stories in the local news of cars in the ditch, tires frozen to the road, people getting stuck in a blizzard!  But the good news is, because you’re watching this video – this won’t be YOU!

There’s a misconception that just because it’s winter you are better off taking a tour, but I’m here to tell you that you CAN drive yourself, and today we will talk about all the reasons why.

Stay tuned to the end of this video where I will answer questions from my community about winter driving AND tell you how you can get a very special discount on your car rental so you can drive yourself, with confidence, in Iceland in the winter.

Today’s video is going to dive right into all of the winter safety driving tips, but before we get to the good stuff make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my channel because I release new Iceland planning videos every week and I want to make sure you have the BEST information so you can feel CONFIDENT about your trip!


  • #1: 4WD is a MUST in winter – these cars are heavier, and have the necessary features to get OUT of winter situations
    1. Blue car is an Icelandic company, so they understand the need for cars that are equipped to handle the winters in Iceland. 
    2. Their cars are all NEW and will include studded tires, an ice scraper, warm up vehicle/defrost features, AND emergency assistance 24/7!
  • #2: You HAVE to have Wi-Fi! (Blue Car offers this for ALL of their cars!)

I get asked a lot about Wi-Fi vs. GPS, and personally, I like the Wi-Fi option because I find it to be simpler and easier than trying to navigate the GPS on a vehicle.  I’m already familiar with the apps I need to check and I have my phone set up to easily access these apps with all the information I need!

  • #3: SLOW DOWN!
    • Allow for safe travel distances between vehicles
    • Avoid edges, there’s NO forgiveness here!  If you see an approaching bus or truck all you need to do is just slow down, turn on your wipers, and keep going…don’t move toward the side of the road
    • Don’t hit the brakes suddenly!  Simply take your foot off the gas and regain control of your car.
  • #4: Be prepared!
    • Pack WARM clothes and sturdy boots!
    • Water + Snacks – especially if stores are closed or you are waiting on your roadside assistance, you’ll be ready!
  • #5: LISTEN!
    • When roads are closed or there is a barrier – this is ALL for your safety
    • Don’t travel just because you have a reservation…Please, please, please – be safe, and listen to the warnings! 

To sum things up for you:

Is it safe?  YES!  You just have to remember to LISTEN, be prepared and pay attention.

Want to SAVE MONEY on your car rental? Exclusive offer for IWAV readers, Blue Car Rental is offering 5% off your total rental price! The discount will automatically be applied at checkout when you use my VIP link above – no code needed!

Lastly, don’t be discouraged, follow the rules of the road, and you’ll enjoy an amazing experience in Iceland!

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