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  • West + South Iceland Map And Guidebook


    The West + Sound Iceland Map and Guidebook is ideal for travelers who want to tick off all the top sights on their Iceland bucket list without straying too far from Reykjavík.

    Explore Iceland’s most famous attractions—from black sand beaches to majestic glaciers, and the renowned Golden Circle route—all handpicked by a local to guarantee you see the highlights and hidden gems of the area.

    Your search for up-to-date, reliable info ends here. With my trusty guidebook and west and south Iceland map, you can say goodbye to: 

    🚫Frantic Googling searching.
    🚫 Wondering if that Reddit post from 2017 is still accurate.
    🚫 Endless scrolling for inspo.

    You’ll have everything you need to explore the west and south of Iceland, gathered in one convenient spot by someone who knows it best.

  • Westfjords Iceland Self-Drive Map


    Do you dream of exploring untouched landscapes?

    The Westfjords Iceland Map is your essential guide to one of Iceland’s most secluded and stunning areas. Travel through the majestic Westfjords with my detailed self-drive map, perfect for those ready to get off the beaten path. 

    Located in the northwest corner of Iceland, the Westfjords offer dramatic fjords, towering mountains, and tranquil hot springs – without the crowds of Iceland’s popular attractions.

    The biggest challenge when traveling to this remote region of Iceland is finding reliable travel information. And because of its secluded nature, it’s highly likely that you’ll find yourself alone at any given location.

    This is where the Westjords Iceland Map comes in to save the day. 

    It’s packed with up-to-date, accurate details to help you wander through these breathtaking landscapes with confidence. 

    If you want to discover Iceland’s heart and soul beyond the typical sights, the Westfjords Iceland map is for you. Here, you don’t just visit—you connect deeply with the Icelandic wilderness and the authentic spirit of the country.