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  • South + West Travel Guide


    I’ve been there…

    ✅ Browsing Google for hours on end trying to find answers
    ✅ Reading Facebook Group forums looking for helpful tips
    ✅ scrolling Instagram for inspiration.

    …but are those sources actually helpful to the planning of your trip?

    You know Iceland is expensive but it’s unclear how much to budget or how to save money while you are there.

    I KNOW it can be different.

    Living in Iceland since 2015 has given me the ability to travel around the country countless times finding the best gems and important travel tips.

    “The southwest guide is amazing! I’ve been using it all week and would have been completely lost without it, it’s the best guide I’ve ever used.” – Stephanie

    You do NOT need to read another blog post or watch another Instagram Reel.

    You DO need:
         📗 Comprehensive, concise information
         📋 Structured planning
         😎 Confidence in knowing that you have the best information on the market


    You can buy a physical guide from the bookstore…but it won’t have a digital map.

    You can buy someone else’s digital map for $$…but it will not have toilets, pharmacies, or grocery stores listed.

    Because here’s the thing…when you’re going on vacation you need to know more than JUST the locations of the pretty waterfalls and black beaches. 

    You need helpful practical information that saves you the laborious and endless circle of research.

    “Used the guidebook every single day on our recent South + West trip. Invaluable for locating gems and must sees, but also gas stations and toilets!” – Margot

  • Westfjords Digital Map (Map only)


    If stunning fjords, towering mountains, and relaxing hot springs sounds like a dream then you will want to visit the Westfjords.

    Tucked away in the northwest corner of Iceland, this remote area of the country is often overlooked because it’s quite out of the way of the main routes.

    Not to mention it’s one of the less traveled areas of Iceland meaning you might find yourself alone at any given location!

    Without the map we’d have missed things…especially the hidden gems! – Mandy

    The Westfjords is fantastic on it’s own or would be the perfect addition to any Ring Road trip.

    Recommended duration: 3-5 days
    Recommended seasons: May-October