If you’re planning a trip to Iceland, then it’s likely that you’ve heard of locations like Goðafoss, Landmannalaugar, Jökulsárlón, Reynisfjara, and Mývatn. 

But what if you could see these magnificent sites FROM THE AIR?! 

Now it’s easier than ever with the brand new experience from FlyOver Iceland!⁣⁣⁣

I recently visited FlyOver Iceland and I’m not kidding you guys, I had tears in my eyes DURING the ride because A) Iceland is the most beautiful place on earth and B) the footage that they captured is out of this world!⁣⁣⁣ 

⁣⁣⁣Today I am so excited to share the continuation of my tour planning series. I’m going to talk to you all about the experience itself, what to expect, and all of the things you would need to know to plan your journey. Let’s get into it!

About FlyOver Iceland

FlyOver Iceland is a flight ride experience and the first of its kind in Europe. Guests get to enjoy a flight simulation over some of Iceland’s most iconic landscapes including those hard-to-reach locations. The brand new stand-alone building is located in the historic Grandi district in the Reykavik harbor. The building’s design is very unique with a cylindrical theatre that lights up in bright colors at night. Just minutes from downtown, it’s quick to get to by foot or public transportation, and includes easy parking if you’re driving yourself! 

What to expect

Upon entering the building, make sure you check in and collect your tickets. 

If you are early, you can enjoy the offerings at the cafe. If you are on time, you will head upstairs to begin the tour. 

Fun tip: before you enter, there is a green screen (the first in the country!) where you can take a photo with the Iceland background of your choosing!

The two-part pre-show explores Icelandic history, nature, volcanoes, and more. This gives you a sense of the old days when Icelanders lived in turf houses, how volcanoes shaped the land, and the harsh weather conditions that still affect living in Iceland today. 

You are then led to the flight simulation room. The ride itself looks like rollercoaster chairs, including the harness so safety is very important. The spherical screen in front of you gives riders the sense that they are actually IN the helicopter flying over the landscape. It even includes special effects such as mist and wind to complete the experience.

My experience

I won’t spoil the ride itself, I’ll let you experience the scenery firsthand. But I WILL tell you that I had some tears and very strong emotions during this flight. Being able to experience Iceland from above is just downright breathtaking – literally. If you’ve seen some of the locations included in the film, you will have instant nostalgia. If you haven’t seen the locations, you will want to book another trip to Iceland to see more of this beautiful land. 

I’m very impressed with the footage that was collected around the country. The way they presented this ride including sound effects, music, and visuals is top-notch.

I will be bringing all future family and friend visitors to this attraction!

Pro-tips for your visit

  • This experience is for everyone. Children must be 102 cm/40 inches tall and accompanied by an adult to attend. If you require an elevator there is one on-site.
  • If you are like me and are prone to motion sickness, don’t worry. This is a gentle ride that creates the illusion of flying over the landscape. I did feel like there was plenty of straight on flying and smooth transitions that I did not get nauseous. However, if you are extremely sensitive to motion, you might want to sit this one out. 
  • After the flying experience, there is a gift shop. They have a great selection of Icelandic wool sweaters and souvenirs and some really unique pieces – I got a pair of fish skin earrings! Oh and don’t forget to take a selfie with Suvitra the troll!
  • There is a café on-site with a great selection of sandwiches, bakery items, and drinks. Their products are locally sourced – coffee from Reykjavik Roasters and pastries from Brauð og Co.
  • Allow about one hour at the facility in total.

Book your tour

It is possible to book your tickets in advance or purchase tickets at the door, subject to time availability.

Lastly, I want to give a special thanks to FlyOver Iceland for having me. It was seriously an amazing experience, and I highly recommend this to anyone visiting Iceland!

Happy planning,

**I was a guest at FlyOver Iceland in exchange for my review. Collaborations like these are carefully selected to benefit my readers, and opinions are always my own!

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