COVID-19 Iceland Statement

Hey Team Iceland – in response to the hundreds of questions we’ve received over the last couple of weeks, I’m here to address a few things:⁣

1️⃣ I am not an expert about traveling during a pandemic. I appreciate that many of you trust me enough to put your travel plans in my hands, but I no longer can comment on your situation. So messages and comments about COVID-19 will be going unanswered from now.⁣

2️⃣ Many of your q’s can be answered by following the directive of your country’s state department. This is the @travelgov for the US. It’s their job to tell you if it’s safe to travel, and they’ll be monitoring CDC recommendations.⁣

3️⃣ Iceland Monitor is a local trusted source of information in Iceland for the latest updates on COVID-19, travel, closures within Iceland, and more. They report daily updates in English, so I advise you to check in with their Facebook page for the latest.⁣

4️⃣ PLEASE remember that many industries and small businesses have been significantly affected by this, especially the travel industry. So, for future travel: continue to book flights, tours, and hotels. Most companies are offering very flexible cancellation and INSANELY good deals. With no downside, your trip in a few months could be super cheap! For example: @icelandair is waiving their change fee for all flights booked.⁣

5️⃣ Last week, it was announced that a ban on public gatherings in Iceland was put in place. This applies to the whole country for gatherings of more than 100 people will be banned for four weeks in an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19. (Think Schools, gyms, grocery stores, and large workplaces).⁣

*️⃣ HOWEVER It is important to note that Iceland remains open and there are no travel restrictions in place for travel to the country or within it. Going forward, I will continue to share my experiences around the city as much as I can – mostly on my Instagram stories. ⁣

Thank you for continued support. Now back to our regularly scheduled Iceland content, so stick with us so you can have the best 👏🏼 trip 👏🏼 EVER… whenever you end up making it here!

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