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  • Ring Road Self Drive eBook


    How do you plan an epic Icelandic road trip when you can barely remember the town names (let alone pronounce them)?

    That was the problem I faced when planning our honeymoon in Iceland. Who would’ve thought 6 years later we’d be living here!

    And I’m on a mission to make sure no one else faces the same planning nightmare I did — or even worse, misses out on that must-see attraction because they didn’t know it was there (been there, done that!)

    Stop looking for answers via Google searches and grab the latest version of this ultimate travel guide instead.

    This is NOT your average planning guidebook — it’s in-depth, practical and user-friendly. From the handy Interactive Map (now with twice as many pins!) to the checklists and resources, this guide is designed to take the stress out of planning your trip.

    “If you are planning a trip to Iceland this is a must-have! This book has made our trip planning so much easier! “ – Sandi

    Jam-packed with the type of info only a local would know (that’s me!), this eBook will help you plan your unforgettable Iceland trip from start to finish. From deciding what time of year to visit and what to pack to mapping out your itinerary of must-see places, this guidebook is your go-to resource.

    “I am mighty grateful to Jeannie for all the help she has given me in my planning for Iceland. There were so many things that I had questions about that I could not find answers to online – but when this book came out all of my questions were answered!” – Charles Lester