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    11-Day Iceland Itinerary For Winter: Ring Road + Golden Circle + Snaefellsnes Peninsula


    Dreaming of a snowy winter escape to Iceland but you’re unsure of how to fit all the highlights into 11 days?

    Say goodbye to the stress of planning and hello to a meticulously designed 11-day Iceland winter itinerary. Designed specifically for travel between November and March, this itinerary helps you enjoy Iceland’s winter magic to the fullest! 

    This carefully crafted itinerary covers the iconic Ring Road, the breathtaking Snæfellsnes Peninsula, and the famous Golden Circle route, all adjusted for winter conditions.

    No more guessing where to stay each night or how long to stop and marvel at the beauty of that frozen waterfall. 

    This itinerary answers the key question: how much can you realistically see in a day during Iceland’s winter months?

    Winter travel in Iceland comes with unique challenges. Some places are inaccessible, road conditions can be tricky, and daylight hours are MUCH shorter. But don’t worry, this winter itinerary has already considered all of these important factors to make sure you have a smooth and unforgettable trip.

    Save the stress of planning and fear of missing out on hidden gems – I’ve done all the legwork for you!

    Don’t do Iceland without this!! We’re only on Day 1 of our trip and Jeannie’s itinerary has already paid for itself! – Ryan R. 

  • 7 day iceland winter itinerary, golden circle itinerary, snaefellsnes itinerary, south coast itinerary, iceland map, tablet with iceland itinerary, phone with iceland map, winter village in iceland

    7-Day Iceland Itinerary (Winter): Golden Circle + South + Snaefellsnes Peninsula


    Excited for your week-long Iceland adventure but unsure where to start or how to navigate winter travel? 

    This 7-day winter Iceland itinerary is your ticket to a stress-free trip.

    From the iconic Golden Circle Route to the famous wonders of Iceland’s South Coast to the rugged Snaefellsnes Peninsula…

    …you’ll see Iceland’s best sights while sticking to the country’s most accessible regions!

    Don’t let the complexities of traveling to Iceland in the winter hold you back a minute longer.

    From daylight hours to driving tips and weather considerations, I’ve thought of every single detail so that your winter trip goes off without a hitch! 

    This itinerary was so helpful and eliminated so much of the stress of trip-planning! – Nicole

  • 9 day iceland itinerary, ring road golden circle itinerary, iceland map on a cell phone, iceland winter scene, frozen waterfall

    9-Day Iceland Itinerary For Winter: Ring Road + Golden Circle


    Ready to experience Iceland in all its magical winter glory, but feeling overwhelmed with how to plan your trip?

    This 9-day Iceland itinerary is here to the rescue!

    Planning a winter trip to Iceland requires extensive, careful planning.

    For example, did you know that…

    • You can’t access certain places during the winter months? ⁣
    • Or that road conditions limit how far you can drive?
    • And daylight hours drastically cut down how much you can see in a day?

    The good news is that my winter itineraries are perfectly crafted with these factors already accounted for! Every detail has been optimized for travel between November and March.

    This Iceland itinerary answers the burning question:

    How much can you realistically fit in a day during your winter trip to Iceland? 🤔

    With everything taken care of, all you need to do is follow the itinerary and enjoy your adventure.

    From the breathtaking Northern Lights to the mesmerizing ice caves…

    From steamy geothermal hot springs to the majestic frozen waterfalls…

    This itinerary makes sure you won’t miss any of Iceland’s winter highlights!

  • 5 day iceland itinerary, iceland winter itinerary, south iceland itinerary, golden circle itinerary, iceland map, tablet with iceland itinerary, phone with iceland map, iceland snowy scene

    5-Day Iceland Itinerary (Winter): Golden Circle + South Coast


    Planning a quick 5-day winter trip to Iceland and want to make the most of your time? You’re in the right place!

    Iceland isn’t a country where you want to ‘wing it’…especially in winter. Short daylight hours, unpredictable weather, and tricky roads can often complicate your plans.

    But don’t worry – with 8 years of experience living in Iceland and planning winter trips, I’ve crafted this 5-day itinerary to help you maximize your adventure.

    So if you’re…

    👉🏼 Ready for a stress-free Iceland trip but unsure how much to fit in one day?
    👉🏼 Tired of researching how long to plan for each stop?
    👉🏼 Want an exciting itinerary but feel overwhelmed?

    Hi 🙋🏼‍♀️ I created this itinerary just for you!

    Stop wondering where to stay each night or how long to spend at each stop. Avoid relying on random blog posts and inaccurate info. This itinerary answers your biggest question: how much can be done in one day?

    “When you are juggling a family and an unknown country, having an itinerary and suggested route/sequence of activities is a lifesaver!” – Lauren