Now that we’re in double digits, it means we’re almost at a year of living in Iceland! It’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. Expat life has been good to us lately! We have had great weather in Iceland, and been able to do some traveling in our free time.

Our Life in Iceland - Month 10 Life With a View

Hiking | Kaelene and her boyfriend invited me to hike Mt. Esja with them. I have been wanting to do this hike since we moved here, so I was happy to tag along. The views over Reykjavik are so pretty, especially with good weather. My next goal: to hike as much as I can this summer! It’s a great way to enjoy nature, and such a beautiful way to explore Iceland!


Off-roading fun | Bobby and I spent a day riding around on ATV’s with Safari Quads – a local company that gives tours. This was such a great way to explore Iceland! We drove through rivers, to the tops of mountains, and stopped at a waterfall. If you are looking for an adventurous way to see Iceland, I can highly recommend their tours!

Ireland | Our trip to Ireland was amazinnnggg! We lucked out with the weather – blue skies and 20’s every single day! Per usual, we packed every single day with exploring, and saw some amazing things. Castles, cliffs, and 40 shades of green, this country was absolutely beautiful. More all about this trip coming up soon!

Ireland really is the country of 40 shades of green! Our Life in Iceland - Month 10 | Life With a View


Weather | Summer has finally arrived in Iceland, the weather has been fantastic lately! There was a weekend that it was in the high 20’s (C)/70’s (F) and even a couple of days that I’ve gone outside without a jacket! Kaelene and I even had a little picnic to celebrate her birthday – outside. on on the grass. AND the sun was shining!


Visitors | I’m thankful for living in Iceland because I’ve seen so many people that have come to visit! One of my classmates from Chiropractic school spent two weeks traveling around Iceland, and I was able to meet up with him on his last day for a midnight hike. Unfortunately it was cloudy so there was no midnight sun, but still fun to be exploring around when it’s bright out at 1am! Bonus: ZERO other people around!

Things that are still hard:

  • Daylight – you guys, am I the only one?! So since we got our blackout curtains, it’s been helping with sleep. But we only have those in our bedroom, so if we are in the living room, it’s still blasting sun at 10pm! I will probably be kicking myself for complaining come November.
  • Icelandic – just thought I’d throw that one in there for fun. again.
    • Maybe one of these times I won’t talk about the language or the sun/lack thereof.

Things that are easier:

  • My parents booked a flight to visit! They will be coming in September and I can’t wait to spend time with them and show them all around Iceland!


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