Christmas Beers

The Christmas beer season has begun – and the selection is bigger than ever.

This is the time of year when Icelanders compare notes on which Christmas beer is worth trying. Some people like to invite friends over for a Christmas beer tasting, where they blindly test several types and rate them.

Icelanders purchased about 178,724 liters (47,213 gallons) of Christmas beer from November 14, when it hit the shelves, till November 22.  

According to information from the State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland (ÁTVR), the most popular brands of Christmas beers is Tuborg, Víking, Jólagull

For our video, we chose to sample ONLY Icelandic CRAFT beers (minus Delerium because I really wanted to try that one!). Let me tell you, this was one delicious evening!

In this video we taste:

  • *Askasleikir – Borg
  • Jola Drangi – Dokkan
  • Kettle Sour – Surley + Kex
  • Leppur – Brothers Brewery
  • Icelandic Winter Ale – Einstok
  • *Hurdaskellir – Borg
  • Delerium Noel
  • *Skyrjarmur – Borg
  • *Giljagaur – Borg
  • Hvit Jol – Viking
  • HoHoHo – Aegir
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* = our favorites!

We had SO much fun making this video, and hope you are liking the behind the scenes/Icelandic culture videos as well!

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