I’m absolutely LOVING following along on Instagram with all of your photos of Iceland through my hashtag #icelandwithaview. Isn’t social media awesome? So fun how it can connect us from around the world. I feel like I’m following your trips live!

I’ve also been loving the VIDEOS that are coming in! I can’t wait to put together the ultimate fan video at the end of the season. If you’re traveling to Iceland soon, (or even if you’ve already been here!) submit a video clip/photo to be included in the reader highlight video!

Here are my favorite #icelandwithaview photos lately:

Northern lights, midnight sun, waterfalls, hiking and more! If you're looking for Iceland inspiration, use the hashtag #icelandwithaview on Instagram to discover beautiful Iceland photos! Life With a View

For Love of Hiking

Bryanknipfer captures the beauty of Þorsmörk perfectly with a sunrise photo of the beautiful glacier rivers. This guy also did more hiking on his two week trip around Iceland than I even knew existed!

A photo posted by Bryan (@bryanknipfer) on

Ancient Ice

Skelley22 now knows what it’s like to (hold and taste!) a 1000 year old piece of ice. At Jökulsárlón, chunks of the glacier break off and wash up onto the black sand crystal beach. It’s a magnificent sight!

A photo posted by Kelley Lumbard (@skelley22) on

The Open Road

I love this photo captured by fellow travel blogger Hugo from breathewus. They love Iceland so much they have traveled here three times! There’s something so magical about the Iceland open road – infinite possibilities for exploring!

A photo posted by Breathe With Us (@breathewus) on

Mind Blowing Sunset

I have to give my hubby credit for this amazing shot. Captured out the window of our apartment, this was easily the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in Iceland. The sky was on fire with every color imaginable, as bright and saturated as could be. If I didn’t see this one for myself, I would have thought it was fake!

A photo posted by Bobby Riley (@wanderingkiro) on

Otherworldly Landscape

Dlumby shows the crazy diversity that you can find in Iceland if you just search a little bit off the main road. Fjaðrárgljúfur is one of the most unique places to visit, and I love the contrasts in this photo. Often times I wonder if Iceland inspired movies like The Land Before Time!

A photo posted by @dlumby on

Camping Vibes

Can you even get a better view to wake up to than this gorgeous photo by raesaxer?! I am in love with everything about this photo!

A photo posted by @raesaxer on


Breathtaking Waterfall

Skógafoss is definitely one of Iceland’s most iconic waterfall, and with good reason. Driving South on the Ring Road you can’t miss this towering beauty with fresh glacier water rushing over the cliff. I love gallaghermeg’s shot of this incredible waterfall!

A photo posted by Meghan ? (@gallaghermeg) on

Wildlife of Iceland

While Iceland isn’t exactly known for it’s diversity in wildlife, the creatures that live here are sure wonderful. The puffin is no exception! These little guys can only be seen in certain areas of Iceland from April-August, and halitaft was lucky enough to see one up close!

A photo posted by Hali Taft (@halitaft) on

City From Above

Elinapb knows how to enjoy nature with a view! Mt. Esja is a popular hike close to Reykjavik and a great way to enjoy fantastic views over the city.

A photo posted by Elina (@elinapb) on

Most Unique Sighting

Reindeer are another animal in Iceland, but can only be found in the East. I’ve tried to find these elusive beauties a few times, with no luck! South_east_iceland was lucky to capture a whole heard at sunset.

Wonderful Winter

It’s no secret that I love Iceland in winter. The white blanket of snow over everything makes the landscape monochromatic – a stark difference from summer. Here rookieadventures captures the most photographed mountain in Iceland, Kirkjufell.

Colorful Lighthouse

I have a serious obsession with lighthouses, and think that Iceland has the most adorable ones! They’re always painted bright colors that pop out of the barren Icelandic landscape. Looks like layoutlines feels the same with this awesome shot.

A photo posted by SONIA (@layoutlines) on

Northern Lights

Living in Iceland over a full Northern Lights season was absolutely mind blowing. To be able to look out our window and see the sky blowing up in in green light dancing across the sky was like a dream come true. These things are truly an incredible force of nature.

A photo posted by @lifewithaview15 on

Best Video

Having my good friend Kristy in Iceland was hands down amazing. We had so much fun on our adventures, traveled to some beautiful places in Iceland! She also made an AWESOME video of her trip that I could watch over and over again. Even though I love all of her photos of Iceland, I am in love with the video. Make sure to watch the full video here!


A video posted by Kristy Logan (@kristy_logan) on


Question: Are you traveling to Iceland soon? Make sure to use the hashtag #icelandwithaview to have your photo featured! And keep sending those awesome video clips my way!






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