It was been WAY too long since we have met on this blog-o-sphere. I literally have no idea where the past month went.

Oh yes, I remember – it went to traveling around Iceland with some of my favorite people!

This past month I have been lucky enough to have TWO big visitors stay with us – my parents, and my friend Andrea and her fiancéeI decided to take a break from blogging, rather than having it distract me from spending time with my visitors. You understand right?!

PLUS. A lot of things have been going on behind the scenes…and you are going to see some REALLY exciting changes coming soon! So stay tuned!

Here’s a recap of how awesome my autumn has been:

Family Time

My parents have been wanting to visit us in Iceland since the day we arrived. They finally booked a trip for the end of September – my mom was determined to see Iceland in full fall colors, and full fall color they got! Autumn has always been my favorite time of year, but it is notoriously short in Iceland so I was nervous, but it worked out perfectly!

I kept them plenty busy. We did a weekend trip around Snæfellsnes, Golden Circle day trip, and 4 days around the Ring Road! I miiiight have packed the days a little full? Anyway, we had an amazing time!

I also have to say, they were RIDICULOUSLY lucky with the weather! The week after they left we got the leftovers of hurricane Matthew – craaaaazy wind and sideways rain! This photo doesn’t show the good weather, but it was the only one we got of the four of us! I’ll recap our trip with lots of photos coming soon!

Weekend trip around Snaefellsnes Peninsula - Autumn recap / Life in Iceland
Friend Time

Andrea arrived the weekend after my parents left. She and her fiancée are newly engaged and in the middle of planning their wedding. But hey, why not throw a trip to Iceland in there, right?! These two drove the Ring Road, Golden Circle, and Snæfellsnes – road tripping like champions! On their last day in Iceland, we took them on a day trip to one of my favorite places, Háifoss. Aw, look at those two love birds!

Love birds on their engagement trip in Iceland - Haifoss in South Iceland
Northern Lights

OMG the aurora was out.of.control a few weeks ago! There was a HUGE solar flare storm and we had incredible lights for five nights in a row. In fact, it was so big that the entire city of Reykjavik turned off streetlights and encouraged people to shut off lights in their homes so that everyone could enjoy the show!!! That’s the craziest/most amazing thing I’ve ever heard.

We have a great setup that allows us to see the lights perfectly from our balcony. However, the biggest night we did travel out of the city to capture more of the stars and mountains.

Needless to say, it lived up to the claim. And there were a lot of swear words and tears of joy coming from this girl!

Thanks for the awesome memories, autumn! Now it’s time to prepare for winter…I can tell it’s coming soon!

Question: What was the best thing you did this autumn?







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